Friday, January 31, 2020

Quite the Month

This was a great month. I've been up to lots of good stuff.

These are a few of the numerous things I've been working on...most within the context of working in a sketchbook, or several sketchbooks.

The books are more like sketch-scrap-work books as they hold all manner of creative stuff...not merely sketches.

I'm finding this format a wonderful place to hold/contain small pieces that I do, like these and others. I've been inserting some of my earlier works into the sketchbooks as well.

The top photo is a concertina book I made from multi-marked watercolor paper. The next three are small handstitched pieces, of fabric alone or fabric and paper.

And the last photo is a watercolor I did a few days ago. I'm really chuffed because I see my own style developing, and I'm enjoying it a lot.

In the getting old department... I've had chronic periodic back pain for years, and my hips have really been bothering me a lot for a while now. I had an x-ray recently and saw the doc again today. Glad to say there's only minimal osteoarthritis in my hips, and I don't need further intervention. Unless the pain becomes unbearable.

I have slowed down even more than previously, and walking, my only exercise, has become quite painful. So I'm not doing much of that. I'm trying to balance my time on my feet with my sitting time. Both hurt, if I overextend myself. Lying down is best. And I'm actually in the prone position for close to 12 hours a day these days.

All is well otherwise. Still knitting socks, still reading a lot. Taking it easy, taking care of myself.

Hope this year is being good thus far to all of you, too.


Leslie said...

I like them all bbn but I Love the 2nd stitched piece and the watercolor. Osteoarthritis is the pits. I've got it in both hands pretty badly. Can still crochet but it's always uncomfortable. Trocanteric bursitis in both hips. Getting old sucks but is better than the alternative, as the saying goes.

jacki long said...

Oh Connie, I have always loved your work and have treasured the little gifts you have given me over the years. You are so talented and making good choices in your art and health. I admire you.

jenclair said...

I always little fabric collages and as usual, you do an excellent job with collage in paper or fabric!

jenclair said...

I always love little fabric collages--and hate when I omit words when I comment. :O

Jan said...

I especially like the three fabric collages. Love your style.
Age + pain = yet another “challenge”. Bah!

Jan said...

Not sure why my name was omitted from previous comment. App/program changes drive me nuts! Age + tech stuff = tearing my hair out!

Jan said...

Two strikes. These comments are from your friend Jan.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Love your fabric bits. Sorry you are not very mobile. I have the same issue with my left leg walking or sitting. I am thinking I need a new recliner.
Hope your February is as good as January was for you.
xx, Carol

The Idaho Beauty said...

This is all quite exhilarating!!! I'm seeing a brightness that doesn't show up in your recent collages and just love those small stitched pieces. And in spite of its black and whiteness, that concertina book of multi-marks gives off such excitement and energy. I love this phase you're in. :-)

Well, I guess its our age. I too have started to have hip achyness and stiffness of the muscles in that area, some days worse than others. I've not had an xray yet but a recent bone scan shows no real change since the last one 2 years ago. I still walk most days and especially in winter when I have to change to different kinds of boots, I wonder if they have anything to do with it. My yoga class had been on hold for several months and even though I have a several days a week home practice, I tend to think its too much sitting and not enough stretching and flexing adding to my issues. We soldier on the best we can . . .

Charlton Stitcher said...

These are lovely, Connie. I especially like the top two pieces of stitching. There is such freedom in them both, especially in the way you join the small applied pieces. This is great stuff! Lovely to see.

john said...

Just lovely! The accordion looks like it has been swirled with chocolate and good enough to eat! :-). Sorry to hear about your pain. Keep the faith that with time it will lessen or go away.

Jeanne Aird said...

So good to see a post from you.I guess I haven't checked lately. Life's been kind of crazy for me due to my husband having major bypass surgery up at Stanford and being his caregiver is a full time job.
I've been wondering what you hae been up to, and it looks like a lot of great stuff. I especially like the Concertina book. It looks like it would be a wonderfully cathartic experience to create one.
Sorry to hear about you being in such pain. Getting older is not for sissies, as the 94 year old member of my former quilting circle would tell us. Take it easy and keep on being creative.

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