Friday, January 3, 2020

Magical Shit

I found this meme on Facebook early in the week, and it's really sunk into my subconscious...

I have more creative fire in me now than I've had in years. Quite possibly this is because I stopped following anything political, anywhere/everywhere, about a month ago. I'm done with that shit. Yeah, the world is coming apart at the seams; but it's the only world I'll ever be alive in. So I've turned my focus back to creativity.

I've immersed myself in a new project, for myself only, inspired by the work of Shelley Rhodes, who I follow on IG. Bringing together collage, stitching, a bit of watercolor, and sketchbookery. I have no intention of sharing any of this, it's purely for my enjoyment. But I just wanted you to know about this activity that has captured my imagination.

I've also started a small passport sized collage journal of vintage papers and stamps. And won't be sharing this either.

I'll continue to do my "regular" collage practice, although I'm taking a wee break from that as I have enough work to post on IG/FB for the next several weeks. And when I get back to it, I'll be working in an 8.5"x5.5" journal for a change, instead of the 8.5"x4.25" journals I've been using. You're the first to see the three collages here that I've not yet posted to IG (usually I post stuff here well after IG).

I started one of those "gratitude" jars for this year. Two magical, creative days thus far. And although I haven't played along with the word-for-the-year thing in eons, I have decided my word for 2020 is "magic."

There's resonance in "2020" and I decided to release my formerly-cynical self and focus on all the good in my life/in the world every day.

And to use the good stuff, the stuff I've been saving, the stuff I haven't wanted to use!

Happy New Year, friends. Hope your year is filled with wonder and gratitude. xx


jacki long said...

Wonderful Connie! You are inspiring and I wish you the best year ever so far, in the magical 2020. You are so very talented.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Happy 2020, Connie! Enjoy that creative fire... it's what keeps us alive & kicking!