Sunday, April 28, 2019

Lichen Sweater

Finished my Lichen sweater yesterday. This is one I designed for myself...and I have to say, I like it way better and it's much more comfortable than the Chalk sweater from a couple months ago. The latter was from a pattern I bought at Ravelry.

Glad to know my sweater-designing chops are still in good order. Also, this sweater was knit in the traditional way -- back, front, two sleeves, then sewn together. The Chalk sweater was knit in the round, top down. Which I don't like and probably won't do again. For one, when you knit in the round, there are literally hundreds of stitches in each row/round, so it takes seemingly forever to knit. At least for me, a not-especially fast knitter.

The yarn in Lichen is a Takhi superwash wool. I'm using superwash wool these days because I'm allergic to regular wool. And speaking of that, there's superwash wool that isn't itchy, and superwash wool that is. Chalk sweater is really too itchy for me, unfortunately, so I'll likely sell it in the near future.

I haven't worn Lichen yet, and now that it's spring it might be a while until I do. But the yarn doesn't feel as itchy so this one will most likely work out for me.

Next on my designing schedule, a lighter-weight boxy summer tee.

BeeGee is doing well. The thyroid meds are working, his hormones are back in the normal range after his blood recheck. I also just started him on a new-to-me CBD oil, for arthritis pain, and already it seems to be much more efficacious than the hemp leaf tincture he had been on since fall 2017. Better living through chemistry.

These are three of my fave recent collages.

Our rain is over, for all intents and purposes, and we're having lovely spring days. Interior CA is having higher-than-normal daytime temps, but here on the coast it's still in the mid-60s, which is pretty perfect.

That's pretty much all the news from my corner of the world. And since this is the only spot where I have a modicum of control, I try my best to stay focused here, now, in this place. Although it's frequently hard to not get wrapped up in goings-on out in the world.

Hope you're having a beautiful spring! xx


jacki long said...

Beautiful work, Connie, as always.
Your sweater is perfect, great color.
And as before, I love your collages.

Carol Cohn said...

Beautiful collages, as usual - both in design and color coordination! And the sweater.... gorgeous! I love both the color and design of it! You'll need to post a picture of you modeling it soon! Glad you're having a good Spring!

Anna H said...

Love it all, the sweater and the collages. I'm sure you will get a lot of wear from the sweater and the color is fabulous!

jenclair said...

Your sweater is beautiful, and I love the color!

Leslie said...

Well, the previous commenters said it all. Killer sweater in a neat color, great collages as usual. You're on a roll.

Els said...

Lovely sweater, Connie !

(lichen ??? did you colour it yourself ? or is it just the name ???)

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Wonderful color...a keepsake! Always enjoy the collage...third one my favorite.