Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Spring This Week

Hey There...

Not too much new, so here are a few recent collages. The second image is the spread I did for a traveling journal I participated in not long ago.

Spring is here this week! Yesterday was a smashingly beautiful day, I wore shirtsleeves and flip flops for several hours. I worked outside -- SO nice to be out in the sunshine and fresh air -- cutting back/cleaning up my outdoor potted plants, and fertilizing them.

Today it's rainy and cool again...but for the next week or so, it's supposed to be sunny, with increasingly higher temps each day. I am so ready for spring!

I'm working on sweater #2, my "Lichen" sweater, nearly finished with the back. I designed this one myself, and I'm making it the traditional way -- all four pieces knit individually, then sewn together at the end.

I'm also continuing to knit socks, am working on each project (socks or sweater) for a day or two before switching to the other project to do likewise. The garments are being built without my feeling the "grind" I put myself under for a while there with my Chalk sweater.

That grind caused me to have heart palpitations in early February, for a few days in a row, until I grokked that I was pushing myself too hard. I slowed back down again, and the palpitations were no more.

Hope you all have a lovely start to spring. xx


jenclair said...

What an interesting and varied group of spreads! Serious, curious, humorous--wonderful.

Carol Cohn said...

Love the collages, as always! They always flow so beautifully within their borders. I'm glad you're finally getting some good weather; we are too! Yay!

jacki long said...

Wonderful collage spreads Connie, they show your well being I think.
Glad you will be having good weather. Take good care, dear one.

Charlton Stitcher said...

Great to hear more from you. I love the traveling journal spread. It has such a great period feel. I’m reading it now on my iPad but I’ll put it up on my PC later to see if I can read the letter in the middle.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Great pages. Glad you slowed yourself down. Why do we always feel that we have to speed through life? Too many times I chide myself at the end of the day for not getting enough done.
xx, Carol

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Life is good...I'm drawn to this last collage... Those cowgirls make me smile!

john said...

So fun! Love the color palette you use. :-)

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