Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Christmas in September

A humble handknit sock, the first one of my first pair in about 10 years. I feel a bit of a commitment to handknit socks now, though, whereas in the past I was experimenting with various handspun yarns, which weren't really sock yarns to begin with. Anyhoo, I'm having fun again with this endeavor.

I'm also using this first pair to try a few different ways to do the customary things on handknitted socks, like cuff, heel flap, and toe. I want to get myself setup with a template that works for me, and always do that.

Boring to do the same thing, you say? I like routine. There's a lot of freedom in routine, in not having to make decisions all the time because things are changing up, often unnecessarily. Anecdote from life: I make pancakes for myself every weekend, and I use the same basic recipe every time. I love them. I have no interest in experimenting in the kitchen with fancy recipes to make something so basic. That's just me.

In other news...the summer was so wacky here, i.e. there was hardly one at all and most days were overcast, that all my Christmas cacti are blooming now!!

That's it for now...short and sweet. Hope you're enjoying early autumn! xx

Friday, September 7, 2018

Going Postal

First off, here's the kimono I completed knitting yesterday. I love how it turned out. It's made with Malabrigo Rios superwash wool, in their Tormenta colorway. I was really iffy about the striping of the yarn, but it works overall and I like it. (Disregard the spots on the mirror on the right side of each photo!)

I had more luck again at last Sunday's flea market, another three boxes of vintage postal stuff.  That makes seven boxes total, although everything has been organized and sorted to where there's actually five boxes now.

I'm selling these vintage goods, as I mentioned previously. I'll only be listing things on Instagram -- in fact, having my first online live sale next Friday and Saturday at 5pm. However, as before, for those of you who might be interested in purchasing anything but you're not on IG, just email me and we'll take it from there. All sales are through PayPal. If you are on IG, find me @connieandbeegee.

Here's a list of what I'll be selling over time.  Eventually I'll get to most or all of it.
  • old holiday greeting postcards
  • old postal postcards (the kind you buy at the P.O.), going back to the 1890s, with various things on the back
  • old small business envelopes
  • old #10 regular-size business envelopes
  • unused old postal postcards
  • unused old postal envelopes
  • a few collections of old picture postcards, from World's Fairs/Expos, and a few site-specific collections from outside the U.S.
  • a small collection to/from soldiers from WWII
  • and more
The last photo is a bunch of other vintage stuff I got in August from a different vendor. All this stuff I'll use or give to penpals.

Life is good here, really good. It's fall already, but we never really had a summer. I wouldn't be surprised if all the smoke from wildfires in the upper atmosphere has impacted the weather this year.

And the wildfire report...soon as one huge one is contained, another huge one starts. Well over 1M acres has burned in California this year alone. Several other countries are having massive wildfires this year, as well.

The world is burning up, sadly. Who knows what's to come...I'm glad I wasn't born later than I was. I got to experience life on Earth before Earth was overrun with people and controlled by oligarchs and corporations.

Have a good month...and do email me if you're interested in any vintage postal goodies.