Thursday, March 8, 2018


Hello dear friends,

I'm not really back...but since I've had several requests to see my collages, I decided to do this post to let you know your options.

I'm really happy not blogging anymore.  Really, it's a load off my mind.  It's a real hassle uploading photos from my phone to the blog, because it takes forever for them to upload.  Alternatively, I can download photos from my phone/GooglePhoto to Photoshop, resize them and then upload them to the blog, but that, too, is a hassle that I don't miss.

For a while I sent collage images to a friend via Messenger, but that felt much like blogging.  So, your option, if you want to see my collages, is to join Instagram.  I am uploading collages there several times a week.  It's just so easy -- I take the image on my phone, and I upload it to IG.  Period.  No need to setup my computer as I need to do if I'm going to upload images to the blog.

I've setup an IG widget on the top of the right side bar here on the blog.  Or, if you're already there, find me here, @connieandbeegee.

If you want to get in touch with me by other means, email me or get in touch via Messenger. Or we could be snailmates if you want, but you have to go first.  I always reply.  But I can't tell you how many people have asked to be my penpal, then I wrote first, and never heard back from them.

I love you all.  And I'm really enjoying life post-blogging. xx    


Jan said...


Roberta Warshaw said...

I hear you on that one. I think about stopping and then suddenly I need to write something. So I am going with it for now. It is kind of a diary for me. I wish there were a way for me to access the entire thing and print it out but I don't think there is.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I was actually thinking about you today, wondering how things were going since you said it might be some time before you blogged again and you seldom show up on Facebook. So nice surprise to see a post affirming all is well.

However, I do not do Instagram, partly because I don't have a smart phone, partly because I don't want to add one more social media platform to the two that work for me right now. Would love to keep seeing your work, but I feel about Instagram a bit like you feel about blogging. And I'm just not going there.

Now snail mail - THAT I might do!

To Roberta - do you mean some way to print out your entire blog? There is, you know, although it might get expensive: blog2print is a service that prints your blog - you set the dates and a few other options. I also think you can download your blog right from blogger, if that is where you are doing it. I'm trying to think - it may come in pdf format - you can look it up. It's suggested as a way to back up your blog in case it should unmagically disappear as has happened to some people.

Dortesjs said...

whooo stunning love it...great post

Dortesjs said...

Happy Easter for you and your family hope you have great days

serenity said...

Girl, I will write you first, as I just found your creative self and would enjoy talking{writing}.
I don't do social media, I do have instagram for following my artists friends, still learning it though. I don't post photos yet.