Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Holidays Are Here

It's so hard to believe this year is nearly over.  Each year seems to start rather slowly, but then come late spring every year, the months just start to fly.  Every November, without fail, I think August was just last month!

So the holidays are upon us now, and it'll be a quick slide into 2018 from here.

I'm having a 25 Percent OFF Sale in my Etsy Shop, from now through Sunday December 3.  Everything in the shop is 25 percent off.  Sale prices are listed on every item, so there's no need to use a code at checkout.

If you've purchased from me recently and received a 10% discount coupon as a Thank You, you can use that coupon on top of the 25% off during the sale!

In other news, I finished another fantastic novel this week ~
Life or Death by Michael Robotham.  It was so good that I'm planning to read all his previous books.

Otherwise, life just keeps rolling on, with me reading, collaging, writing letters, and generally tending hearth and home.

Have a really wonderful Thanksgiving, all you folks in the States.



Jan said...

Lovely collages--I love all the old-timey images. Every now and then I've had a hankering to go to a dude ranch and ride a horse. I guess it's not too late. xxj

Dortesjs said...

wow lovely collages all over again..hope you sell good. ;O)

Charlton Stitcher said...

What a lovely, busy time you've been having with all these collages. I haven't visited your blog properly recently (nor anyone else's come to that) as we've been away a lot and I've had a blogging, as well as an actual, holiday. What a pleasure it was to return.

john said...

I am so drawn to the sepia piece. I am forced to stop and look and look. I wonder why that is? I'll think on it! :-) Very nice work!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I'm especially fond of the third one down...great color! Your winter looks good as Robotham has written so many books...happy reading!