Saturday, November 25, 2017

In the Absence of Desire

Spent some time on Thanksgiving thinking about all the things I'm grateful for...among which is the fact that I have no real desires.

In other words, there's nothing I really want that I don't already have. There's nothing I'm lusting for, nothing I absolutely need to have other than what I already possess in my life.

And that makes me feel very secure, insofar as one can feel secure in these turbulent times.  This state of no-want lets me live my life day to day, just doing whatever the day asks of me...without the sense that I have to get somewhere or be some place else.

I'm really thankful that I've been gifted with peace and simplicity.

Have a great week. xx


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Just what I needed to read! Thanks for this inspiring and encouraging post.


tgarrett said...

What a wonderful thing to read Connie. And as always seeing your art is always a treat- just th eother day I stood in front of that beautiful small art quilt you gave Ron and I- so so wonderful. Love to you.

jacki long said...

Wonderful Connie, so happy for you, you have it all!

Marybeth said...

What you said is true for so many of us (of a certain age). I find that I still scan the ads in the paper to see what is on sale and then chuckle and think it may be a bargain but I don't need it, don't want to dust it and who will be saddled with saying "what the heck did she buy that for?" after I am gone (in 25 years hehehe). For now my job is trying to use up what I have already that is a challenge for the ages!!!

KAM said...

Always I wait until I have time to really look at and enjoy your collages or paintings...then I open your blog, sip a nice cup of tea and enjoy with great pleasure the wonderful works that you create. Today to read this fine description of a process that has unfolded well for you in bringing calm, unhurried days to be your normal. And, the not buying is definitely my mantra as well. I am finding places to "gift" another textile artist or two with some of my accumulations and have successfully sold much on EBay. The thinning out of what I hold in my space has given impetus to much more creative time in the studio these days.
Always, always I am thankful for your friendship and your honest presentation of your journey. Peace and many blessings dear Connie.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I know that place well...the place I call contentment. Letting the world go about its own way...taking pleasure in the gift of the day. I sure know when I'm being pulled out of that place and so joyful to come back and rest easy again. enjoy last days of November.