Saturday, November 4, 2017

Becoming Vintage

This first collage, and the sixth one shown, were done in another new collage journal, this one a vintage journal with lined paper inside.  The size of the book is 7.25 x 11.5, so the spreads are 14.5 x 11.5, quite a bit bigger than I've worked in previously.

I found this journal somewhere in my travels in the last few years, and a while ago I glued two pages together throughout because the single pages were brittle.  I'll get over 30 spreads in the book on now-sturdy paper.

The second collage is the last one in my 9th Midori Travelers Notebook insert.  I've already begun the 10th.

Two of the best books I've read recently:

Exposure by Helen Dunmore and
And Again by Jessica Chiarella

It was a quiet, good week.  We had some rain and we'll have more, but today it looks to be sunny.  Hope you have a great weekend.



Dortesjs said...

wow awsome as alwaysssss, love your setup and botanincal look - sweet with the fairy angels on last one to. ;O)

jacki long said...

I think you work has a joy about it that is so appealing Connie! ♥

john said...

Your second collage here is just perfect. The touch of red makes everything jump to the tune "Collage Is Great"! Of course I like them all but number two speaks to me in a different way. Good show all around! :-)

Carol Cohn said...

Your collage pages are always so balanced - in theme, in color, in design - and it's so much fun to look at and read all of the separate parts that make such a cohesive whole! Keep on posting them!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I agree with Carol...very balanced...lovely!