Saturday, November 25, 2017

In the Absence of Desire

Spent some time on Thanksgiving thinking about all the things I'm grateful for...among which is the fact that I have no real desires.

In other words, there's nothing I really want that I don't already have. There's nothing I'm lusting for, nothing I absolutely need to have other than what I already possess in my life.

And that makes me feel very secure, insofar as one can feel secure in these turbulent times.  This state of no-want lets me live my life day to day, just doing whatever the day asks of me...without the sense that I have to get somewhere or be some place else.

I'm really thankful that I've been gifted with peace and simplicity.

Have a great week. xx

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Holidays Are Here

It's so hard to believe this year is nearly over.  Each year seems to start rather slowly, but then come late spring every year, the months just start to fly.  Every November, without fail, I think August was just last month!

So the holidays are upon us now, and it'll be a quick slide into 2018 from here.

I'm having a 25 Percent OFF Sale in my Etsy Shop, from now through Sunday December 3.  Everything in the shop is 25 percent off.  Sale prices are listed on every item, so there's no need to use a code at checkout.

If you've purchased from me recently and received a 10% discount coupon as a Thank You, you can use that coupon on top of the 25% off during the sale!

In other news, I finished another fantastic novel this week ~
Life or Death by Michael Robotham.  It was so good that I'm planning to read all his previous books.

Otherwise, life just keeps rolling on, with me reading, collaging, writing letters, and generally tending hearth and home.

Have a really wonderful Thanksgiving, all you folks in the States.


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Becoming Vintage

This first collage, and the sixth one shown, were done in another new collage journal, this one a vintage journal with lined paper inside.  The size of the book is 7.25 x 11.5, so the spreads are 14.5 x 11.5, quite a bit bigger than I've worked in previously.

I found this journal somewhere in my travels in the last few years, and a while ago I glued two pages together throughout because the single pages were brittle.  I'll get over 30 spreads in the book on now-sturdy paper.

The second collage is the last one in my 9th Midori Travelers Notebook insert.  I've already begun the 10th.

Two of the best books I've read recently:

Exposure by Helen Dunmore and
And Again by Jessica Chiarella

It was a quiet, good week.  We had some rain and we'll have more, but today it looks to be sunny.  Hope you have a great weekend.