Saturday, September 16, 2017

Unusually Productive

I did a lot of art this week, more than I normally do.  I'm working in both collage journals now, my Midori inserts (number 8 completed last night) and the hand bound journal I showed you last week.

I've also been cutting collage elements out of books a bit like of a fiend.  Cutting has become my meditation, and I spend many nights on the couch happily adding cut images to my boxes of collage fodder.

I also joined one of the numerous painting challenges on Instagram, so I've been painting most days, too.  I no longer see challenges as something I need to adhere to strictly.  After all, it's for me, and no one else.  So I make them work for me. Meaning, if I need to take a break for a day or two and then get back to it, no problem.  I'm still doing the challenge and my intent is intact.

The paintings you see here are what I did this week for the challenge.  I have another piece in process, but needed to step away from it for a couple days.

Additionally, this week I pulled out another handmade journal, a "junk" journal made with different sized papers of a wide variety: magazine pages, early sketchbook collages of mine, handmade papers, etc.  And I started collaging in that, too, although I've not yet photographed the one spread I've done thus far.

This art journal looks like it'll be a hybrid of my current ephemera-based collages, and my earlier, more modern art-architectural collages from a few years ago.  In fact, the first image here, above, although done in a Midori insert, is a bit of a precursor to the hybrid style.

If I continue to be as productive as I was this past week, I might start posting twice a week again.

The weather has definitely changed.  I can't believe what a short summer we had here, and now it's autumn.  I needed an extra blanket last night, and this morning the heat came on by itself.  There's snow predicted for the Sierra Nevada this weekend, many inches of it.  Although that won't impact us here on the North Coast, it should definitely put a damper on forest fires still burning.

Have a good week.  Enjoy the autumn equinox.  xx


Dortesjs said...

wow stunning i do love your ephemera-based collages alot ;O))

jacki long said...

So happy for you, and it shows
in your beautiful work, Connie!

The Idaho Beauty said...

The fern spread is very cool - my favorite of this lot. Technical question, as I'm about to try my hand at some collage, what are you using to adhere the pieces and when complete, do you go over the entire page with a medium?

Impressed with your watercolor efforts too. Beautiful leaves and the circles one has such depth.

HD said...
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Jeanne Aird said...

Boy, you have been on a roll! Great collages with wonderful vintage images. Your watercolors, especially the leaves and sea urchins are lovely. The fall weather is energizing!

Leslie said...

The sea urchins painting is gorgeous. Great shapes and shadows. Also love the autumn leaves. You definitely have some painting chops.

Jan said...

Ahhhh...your work is a tonic for my soul. xxj

Carol Cohn said...

Indeed a very productive week! Beautiful work, Connie! :)

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Love the paintings, especially the autumn leaves... your colors are wonderful! And your collages are amazing... such wonderful compositions! Sounds like you are totally immersed in your art, and I love that. Been enjoying mine too, more than ever before.
Stay warm, and Happy Autumn to you too!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Hot, hot hot! Your watercolors are so beautiful...on fire with these leaves! I am smiling about your challenges...making them work for you is the best resolve yet!

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john said...

I just love stopping by to see what you have been doing. I find more strong collages and just as strong water coloring. Lucky me to have such a satisfying visit. :-)