Saturday, September 23, 2017

Strange Days

Strange goings-on are afoot.  A few weeks ago my Instagram account was hacked, for the 3rd time, and although I did get it back, I learned in the recovery process that it had been stolen by someone in Russia.  All my images were still there, but with someone else's username and email associated with the account.

Yesterday I started having problems with AT&T/Yahoo mail, and this morning I discovered that my email account had been hacked.  So I ditched that account, am using Gmail for email now, and spent the morning changing my email everywhere I do anything well as my password on all accounts.

It seems like very little, if anything, is safe anymore.

I did no painting this past week.  In fact, I decided early in the week to put away my painting stuff for now...or maybe forever.  As with most other media I get into, I got to the place where I felt good about my skills, and my being capable of doing whatever I set out to do.  But I have no ideas of what I want to do...and I'm tired of copying others' work just for the practice.  So until such time as I generate some ideas of my own for what to paint, I'm not going to do it.

There's also this:  the best challenge for me is no challenge.  I "challenge myself" to not challenge myself.  I don't need or want anything hanging over my head as a "have to" when there's absolutely no reason why I need to be doing that.

So no more challenges.  It's challenging enough just to get through these days, with their horrors du jour, in one piece.  And manage a life of constantly increasing costs-of-living with zero increases in an already abysmally-low fixed income.  And that's been weighing on me heavily lately.

And being fall, I'm really feeling myself drawing inward.  I likely won't stop blogging as I have previously when I went reclusive.  But there's not much I feel like putting any energy into now, except collage and reading.

Speaking of the latter, I've read two fantastic novels in the last month that I highly recommend:

A History of Loneliness by John Boyne.

The Shadow Catcher by Marianne Wiggins.

Enjoy autumn. xx


KAM said...

What a mess can be made so easily in the cyber world. Glad you are sorting out the issues and taking steps to make things a bit more secure. Love this set of have such a gift for putting together pieces that sing together in harmony.
I just ordered both of the books from my library and look forward to reading your suggested titles.

jacki long said...

Glad you will stay blogging Connie it is a joy to see
and work is wonderful!Sorry about the tech-mess, so infuriating!
I foretell a great Fall doe you.♥

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Gads... don't people have better things to do with their time than wreak havoc on the rest of us? So sorry to hear about the hacking!
As for challenges, I have never been one to get into those, but I am constantly finding new techniques I want to try, thanks to the internet! Makes for a messy studio, but at least I'm learning.
On the subject of books, have you read Michael Connelly's newest"The Late Show"? I was disappointed it wasn't a new Bosch, but am enjoying it just as much as the Bosch series.
Enjoy the Autumn, and don't let the world get you down... this, to shall pass.

Roberta Warshaw said...

So much hacking and stealing of information going on. I hate it. I sometimes wish we could just go back to before the computer. I really do. It has taken over our lives in too many ways and there is always the worrying aspect of it. I love all the like minded people I have met online, like you, but at what price do we pay for all these new found friends? Some bad apples are out there to be sure.

Jan said...

You have my sympathy on the hacking. It's so extremely frustrating!
It's definitely Fall here in Portland, but no Fall color yet. (I must look up when to capitalize names of seasons.)

I'm sorry that you won't be painting: I loved seeing your work, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...Meanwhile, thank you for sharing your wonderful collages. And your thoughts on life and your life and books to read.

john said...

Sorry you have had to go through the hacking mess! It seems we all experience it sometime or other. I am so glad to see your collages. They are very bold and strong! :-)

HD said...

I like your work immensely, especially your magical collages. I appreciate your book recommendations in this post as well as I am always looking for books worth reading other than the classics. I wish there were some way you could gain some income from your work to help out with expenses. Have you checked Patreon? Thank you for continuing to post on your blog.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I can't think of how I found your blog. I don't collage or paint. But I relate to your commentary. What the heck is the purpose of stealing someone's blog, OR their email. I used to get emails from myself in my spam folder advertising Viagra. No, I wasn't hacked, but there is a way to use someone's email to send spam without actually hacking their account. I don't understand how that works.

I often become reclusive, but it has nothing to do with the weather. I'm looking forward to the cooler temps when I usually find more time for creative endeavors.
xx, Carol

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

What an awful email mess...such an invasion of your day to day life. I wish you the best...seems like it takes more and more courage just to face each day.
These collages speak of the other side of the coin...balance, beauty and composure...beautiful!