Saturday, September 9, 2017

Branching Out

I started collaging recently in a handmade journal I made a few years ago with covers from a vintage book.  The book is the second image; you might remember it from when I posted it originally.  The image to the left is the first actual collage in the new journal.

I'm still working in the Midori Travelers Notebook inserts, but wanted to move into a different sized journal as well.  What I'll likely do with the new journal is have text from one of the pages in the original book in each collage, as I've done in this first piece.

I haven't been doing as much watercolor as I was, but I keep thinking that any day now I'll start up again in a more regular fashion.  Like I did when I was doing a challenge...which I'm thinking I might do again just for my own purposes...but haven't committed myself to yet.

Last weekend was a scorcher here.  Today it's damp and cool.  I'm not complaining, though.  About the only likely natural disasters in my area are occasional the 9.+ quake that's supposed to hit any day now, like they've been saying for a number of years already.  Could happen; might not.

My prayers and best wishes for all the folks throughout the world who are or will be victims of increasingly bad hurricanes, monsoons, forest fires, droughts, and any other natural disasters the earth throws at us, in her revenge for hundreds of years of devastation at the hand of mankind.  And special prayers for all the animals who are the innocent victims of human hubris.


Carol Cohn said...

I love all the images, but especially the forest watercolor! Looking forward to see what you look him up With in your challenge!

Dortesjs said...

waue love your journal and your painting, such an inspiration to look at

Meg said...

I like the first painting. It looks like a fun explanation of the earth's layers. It could even be a print pattern for fabric. It looks to me a very happy image by someone very used to drawing/painting. Wonderful.

Els said...

Love the fishes and that doodle !!
Beasts .... always good inspiration :-)

(no fires in your area ???)

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I stopped here via Roberta's blog from a comment you made. I don't paint and I don't create collages. Fabric and thread are my major interest. But I am compelled to follow your blog because of your commentary. The previous post about True Friendship spoke volumes to me and I accepted it as a confirmation from the Universe that it was OK when I recently said that exact thing to someone near to me. So I read a few more posts and see that you and I are on the same page. Thank you for blogging.

john said...

I am taken by the fish collaged spreads. Just fantastic! :-)

Unknown said...

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