Monday, May 15, 2017

A Busy Week

Last week was busier than usual for me...but still I'm painting every day and collaging most days.

I've been exploring different styles of abstraction with watercolor.  It's so interesting to me that just as with previous media that I've been into, the concept of developing a style in watercolor has been on my mind.  Although it's more an exploration of various techniques and methods of application, while learning how to work with (read: control) this medium with a mind of its own.  And testing out things other artists have done to see if they fit for me.

There likely won't be a distinct "answer" to my experimentation, and that's okay.  This quote from Tricycle's daily newsletter is apt, for painting and for life:

I suspect there will never be answers. Instead there will be only the awkwardness of the struggle—and perhaps the struggle is a sublime kind of grace in itself, which merely disguises itself as awkwardness.

—Rick Bass, “Bonfire

Have a great week. xx


Jan said...


tgarrett said...

Hi Connie- LOVE the watercolor- especially that one with all the pattern! And you know I love your collages- have a great week- we go see Ron's surgeon for his check up a week from today hoping he gets the ok to drive- so far so good with his recovery.
Have a great week-

john said...

I love the organic "concentric" circles. They are sort of like a cairn only sideways. Lovely! :-)

jenclair said...

You are having too much fun!

harada57 said...
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