Sunday, April 30, 2017

New Challenges

Early last week I upped my creative game, challenging myself to paint and/or brush letter every day for at least 100 days.  I'm following a couple of loose challenges on Instagram and decided to play along.  Because I know that I'm more productive if I put my mind to it than if I just let myself be haphazard about it.

I'm not counting collages in the challenges, so I'm continuing to do those most days, as well.

One of the challenges is the 100DayChallenge.  You start whenever you start and go for 100 days.  Today is my day 7 and I haven't painted yet today...but I definitely will.  I'm painting everyday now.

Another challenge is a weekly color challenge posted by ColorCrushCreative on IG.  My painting of flowers in a vase is for the first week of the CCC challenge.  Both challenges are open to any medium, and I refer to them as "loose" because all you do is post your work to your own feed and tag it with either or both of the challenge hashtags. 

I've been testing out brands of watercolor paper and brushes to see what works best for me.  And making samples from those tests and posting them to IG, along with my finished pieces.

I'm liking this, being more creative again.  It's been a while.  It feels good.

We're having a dry, warming trend right now on the north coast, with temps building into the low 70s mid week.  But alas, there's a slight chance of rain late in the week.  In prior years, "slight chance" rarely, if ever, produced rain.  This year, though, every slight chance has become a real rainfall.  So, whatever. 

Have a great week. xx


tgarrett said...

Wonderful work Connie love that you are doing all those different things that one piece with the color layers with pattern in each is simply amazing!!

Rayna said...

Connie, I love these watercolors. You are so self-disciplined, it is wonderful.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Loving the watercolors...especially these rock beauties!

The Idaho Beauty said...

The rocks are rather fabulous, both the actual ones and your painted renditions.

john said...

You are so amazing! I love looking to see what is your latest endeavor. The new challenges are just great.

jenclair said...

Oh, I love your watercolors, Connie! I can't imagine doing the 100 Day Challenge, but love reading posts from people who participate.