Sunday, April 9, 2017

Go Fish!

I've finally got around to cutting out fish photos from a tropical fish book I got a while back.  To save space in my tiny digs, what I often do is tear or cut out the pages of a book that I know I'll use, and jettison the rest of the book.  That's what I did with these fish and a bunch more.

I've done a lot of paper cutting recently.  It's very relaxing, a kind of meditation in its own right.  And then my bins are full of ready-to-use collage fodder.

The second image is my last collage in my fourth travelers notebook insert.  I'm readying the fifth to begin using.

The rain doesn't want to stop in northern California...although April is often a rainy month anyway.  We have days of still-wintery cold temps with a bit of sunshine, then it'll rain again for a couple days.  Big sigh...

But overall, life is grand.  Have a great week. xx


Jan said...

Fairies! Alice! A little boy kneeling! Fish and birds! Love it all. xxj

jacki long said...

Wonderful Connie!
You are on such a great ride!♥

Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

They look great, Connie! And, yes, cutting stuff up is indeed so meditative. I'm glad you are finding a good flow.

Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

PS Just noticed the carnivorous flowering Pinguiculas in the bottom spread. Fabulous!

john said...

I love your approach to saving the ephemera that you need and want and off goes the rest. Me, too! In fact, that is my job today. I have a bunch of books that I recently purchased at Goodwill. I know I won't use everything and I will only keep what I know I will use or maybe someone else.

I found you on Pinterest recently.

Fun pages!

KAM said...

Connie - it is wonderful to see you putting together those things so carefully cut out, saved and gathered for just the right composition. Every piece you make is music to me...thank you so much for sharing.
On another note, reading on Facebook that you are making a move...I do hope your new location will provide as much stimulation as the tiny, compact, most wonderful cottage has done for so long now.
Always, I appreciate reading your words and seeing your work.

Tammy Burks said...

You are so inspiring!!! I don't know if you know just how many people you are touching with your artwork!!