Friday, March 10, 2017

Way Better

Glad to report I'm feeling much better...if only because I decided to stop following what's happening politically.  It's all so aggravating that it was literally making me sick, but there's nothing I can do about any of it.  It's just what's so, now.

A deeper equanimity comes when we learn how to be with our life as it is, not as we would like it to be.

Self preservation guided me to turn away from all that and focus on my life, the life I've been given to lead, the life where I can have some impact on things. 

And all is well here in my tiny corner of the universe.  I have a lot of blessings, and no real complaints.  It's all working.

In addition to this week's collages, I've been working on a series of gift tags with bird collages on one side and bird stamp collages on the other.  To give away to my peeps.

I really love making things and giving them away.  I typically keep one or two pieces from any group of things I make ~ tags, ATCs, postcards, etc. ~ and distribute the rest over time to penpals and snailmates.

I've had better-than-usual luck this year finding good stuff at estate sales, book sales and the like ~ see photos below.  Perhaps it's because I have a specific focus now in what I'm looking for, or possibly it's just luck.

Most of the stuff below is from a recent estate sale.  The second image is a haul from my fave used bookstore in Eureka.  There was an earlier estate sale as well, but I must have deleted the photo of my goodies from that one.

I have more ephemera and images from vintage books now than I'll ever use.  Some of this stuff also goes to snailmates, who always send me some of their finds in exchange.

What a lovely world it is, exchanging precious things with kindred souls around the world.

And the Fortuna Library's annual book sale is tomorrow.  I'll likely not stop collecting materials now, even though I have enough.  The thrill of the hunt for good stuff is great fun, and I have no intention of depriving myself of enjoyment.


jenclair said...

I'm glad you are feeling better! My mood has been up and down, depending on how closely I check the news, and I agree that paying too much attention is bad for your health. You've had some great estate sale finds, and I hope you have good hunting at the library book sale!

Jan said...

WOW! What great stuff!

Anna H said...

Connie, so glad to hear you are doing better, I had wanted to mention to you earlier that your focus should be on the good in your life, as you know, what we focus on increases, but I knew you would figure it out, and you did. Your work is wonderful and such a great outlet for you, please continue on this positive creative path, I am cheering you on.....Hugs....

tgarrett said...

Loving these collages and love seeing your loot.

KAM said...

Connie...these new pieces are so wonderful and it is grand to read that your choices are bringing more serenity to your days. It is a challenge to not get too engaged with the very large heap of negative news and information that flows across the internet and on even the public radio news that I enjoy. My goal is to focus on issues that there is an opportunity to make a difference, and just put some energy there ...the rest of my days are spent writing poetry, sketching, watching for the weather to change so I can garden, and getting into my studio to make what cloth projects seem to call out for attention.
Perhaps it is that we are moving ahead in years and the years look at us with a welcome to step into places of joy and peace...and sometimes those places make enough of a difference to shed some light on a very dark world. Every time I read your posts and see your beautiful work the world is brighter for me. And still, after several years, I awake to a piece of your wonderful art-fabric work on the wall across from my bed. You are always shining hope and good intentions my way - thank you.

john said...

So glad you are feeling better. I particularly love the second one. It just speaks to me. Art is like that isn't it. So nice to have a color palette and see what happens over a series, in this case yellow dominance. Lovely!

Charlton Stitcher said...

Very good that you are feeling so much better, Connie. These collages are lovely. My especial favourite is the 3rd one down. The juxtaposition of images and colours is beautiful. That sample of your stash is really beguiling ...!

tracie c. said...

I love paper... can't stop, won't stop collecting!!!!
I adore your work, it's wonderfully soothing to look at your collages I want to come and cut and paste things with you!