Friday, March 17, 2017

False Spring

In this possibly-the-wettest-winter-on-record in northern California, we had an intimation of spring for a few days, several days ago.  The temps were in the mid- to high-60s, the skies were clear and sunny, I sat on my patio, I wore aloha shirts and flipflops.  But now it's raining again. Winter will end at some point in the near future...eventually.

Totally different subject ~ now that I am no longer following anything political, and by that I mean I went so far this time as to even cancel my print subscription to The Nation, in addition to ditching Facebook again, and Twitter, all of which were my only sources of news...with those obvious distractions gone, I am feeling less connected again to the world.  This is where I'd post that cartoon, if I had access to it, that says, "My desire to know what's happening in the world is directly opposed to my desire to stay sane," or something like that.

It's better this way, of course, the sane way.


Els said...

Ahhhh Connie, so good you switched off all the political madness and the
so-called news (fabricated by who ever thinks it's necessary to do so)
I can imagine you can focus a lot better on your work !

Hoop winter ends soon, and wish you another real friend a bit closer by ;-)
Warm greetings from Holland !

jenclair said...

We had such a warm February with temps in the 70's and occasional days that reached 80+--then March brought back winter. The last couple of days have warmed up again. Confusing weather! More lovely collages, Connie.

Carol Cohn said...

More lovely collages! You are so adept at balanced compositions and colors; each one is a pleasure to explore!

We're also due for some more rain, possibly, this week. The weather is so crazy this year. Wonder if this is a look at things to come in the future, weather-wise.

KAM said...

Once again grey clouds cover the bits of blue skies of morning here...birds are now so very busy, songs I do not know I search for on "Birdnote" and as I write I listen and learn who is new to the neighborhood. Not much yet pushing up through the earth because the snow stayed for so long, although my autumn planted garlic now reaches almost 6 inches...yes, another good year for the growing of food. Soon the soil will all be ready for planting and the days warm enough to germinate seeds...buds forming now on lilacs and other bushes soon dandelions will call to the bees and the yard will come alive..delayed spring will fill me with delight...just as your wonderfully created collages have done today.
Always, Connie, I am so thankful for the skill you have to create beauty from pieces assembled. You bring to me a picture of what is to soon fill my and birds and bees and butterflies. Many thanks for all you give to me through your work.....and yes, a break from news is a very good thing.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

A light rain has returned here as we had warm almost hot days earlier this week? Go figure? The birds say Spring and they are chatting it up! Your collages reflect that world so beautifully!
Taking a 'real' time out from political news can be so healing for both inner and outer (art making) life. Take care!

tracie @ beets+birch said...

So much of what you said resonated with me... family. What is that really. I've rarely felt glimmers of it in my life.
There's so much I could write about that in this comment but we don't know each other, but when I read your words I wanted to hug you. I get it.

On the subject of news. I pretty much tuned out after 9.11. It was too much for me and I felt so spun out that I knew I could only take limited amounts of 'news' from that point on.

I had FB until last Summer, also for me a place where 'news' trickled in. It became a source of irritation and anxiety... politics, loud mouths, unkind words, people shouting over each other giving opinions no one cares about... none of which I participated in but just seeing how others behaved to each other rung me out. Man that is totally NOT my scene.

I took a week off FB which turned into 3 weeks. I popped on scrolled for 3 minutes and decided I hadn't missed a thing. Deleted account. I can say I will NEVER have another FB account again.

Mostly I hang out on IG which I love but I limit myself on there too these days.... more time for art.

I love that I found your blog!
Virtual hug across the world.

tgarrett said...

Connie- wonderful pages again. I am on facebook a fair amount as I am active in private art groups- that is my lifeline as we live in this remote area so it fills a huge need for me. It is easy to become overloaded as even though I am mostly in the art groups all that other "stuff come" they other thing that I am really sick of is when I sign a petition then I am now on many lists- and while i am glad for these groups fighting the good fight- they all ask for money many times a day even and then get rather nasty if you don't contribute- I am really tired of that.