Saturday, February 11, 2017


My emotions have been all over the map lately, due to the ongoing political upheaval in this country.  One day I'll be in or very close to a depression, the next day I'll be laughing at the absurdity of it all.  Today I'm in an up mood, which is where I am mostly, actually.  But those down days can be dark.

If you're awake and aware, you know all about what's going on.  If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.  I don't need to editorialize further.    

Most of these collages are in my latest Midori insert, one that I made by hand.  I used 6mm grid paper (the Midori grid inserts are 5mm squares) and 60# drawing paper.  After making this one insert, I decided against making more.  It's a bigger hassle than I want to go to just to save five to six bucks per insert.  This DIYer has limitations these days ~ it's not necessary for me to reinvent the wheel just to save a few bucks.

Our rain in northern CA has stopped for a few days, and it's nice to see the sun.  Floods, mudslides and road washouts everywhere, though.

Hope you're having a good weekend.



tgarrett said...

I so look forward to these Connie. And yes I too am all over the map emotionally. I try to journal other things but it is just right there...
Glad the rain has stopped for you.

Els said...

Ahhhhh Connie, I can imagine the moods that you must be in ....
(nothing much else to do than wait out the worst)

Love your collages !

Happy days (despite it all)

john said...

Thank goodness for artists like you. Art is the only ray of sunshine it seems right now. When I see your work I feel like I have found the most wonderful artist catalog....such a good feel. :-)

KAM said...

Connie....your pieces are so filled with image and story...I find myself just stopped, silent and looking....thank you for this diversion in a time that, indeed, is filled with ever so much that needs attention, for which I am concerned. The ESL work with women from Congo DRC, has now added the component of crocheting...teaching them all to make stitches, read patterns, and consider making of things to sell at the Farmer's Market in the spring and summer. Also I work with two kindergarten refugees, one from China and one from Congo way of expressing my heart of love, acceptance and caring while around me circles so much other energy. The warm. loving relationships growing every week with the refugees give me hope and a deep inner peace. We work on journals while we learn English and I am going to share with the gals from Congo DRC the wonderful pieces you have made,,,they will speak to my learners/friends. Thank you for all you do to express feelings and stories in your artwork.

jenclair said...

It is such a confusing and frustrating time. I'm glad that you can turn to art to soothe some of the fear and anger. Beautiful journal collages, Connie!
Oh, and your letter arrived yesterday! :)

Marybeth said...

All of these pieces reflect your "upbeat moods" or so it seems. It is imperative that we all stay that way as much as possible so we can participate is solutions. If we stay "in the pits" then they win and that can not be allowed. A united front with a smile will scare them away?

Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

Wonderful, Connie! These are indeed a nice bit of pleasure in the midst of much outrage. I always enjoy looking at your collages and journal pages.