Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sixty Eight

Another birthday for me today.  They sure come around quickly these days...seems like I just had one.

This first collage is one of my very favorites in the current series. It has a particular design/arrangement that I like a lot.  What look like old photos are actually images from pages of an old book about Massachusetts.  I love the overall vintage look of the spread.

I'm spending the day being online, which for me means I'm at my computer doing various things rather than just using my phone to be online.  Otherwise today is just a normal Saturday, and I might even take a nap later.

Not much else to say.  The seesaw quality of life continues ~ most days good, some not so good, like yesterday.  The plot keeps thickening, the screw turning tighter, the depths of the coverups and the corruption more obvious daily.

What can one do to manage it all inside one's own head and heart, but take it one day at a time...and try to keep your head up and keep moving forward as consciously and mindfully as possible.



Jacki Long said...

Happy Birthday dear Connie!
If I were there I would sing to you, but that wouldn't be a gift! ;op
I too especially love you top creation, but they are all truly lovely.
The best part is I can feel your enjoyment in their creation.
I love that! ♥ A little card is forthcoming, to extend the special day.
(I remember 68, it was good!)

KAM said...

Connie These are wonderful. I love all the birds and flowers, your work is just so engaging. Love every one.

Carol Cohn said...

All nice, including your favorite first one. Nice layout and images. My favorite is the one that has Falconry on the left page. Just a nice assortment of shapes, colors, and nicely balanced on a lazy diagonal.

Another wish for a happy birthday! Hope you're still enjoying your special day. :)

Carol Rigby said...

Happy Birthday! I love your collages. They take me back to my childhood and remind me of the days when I used to stick pictures in my scrap book and they were all crusty with glue and paper. A fond memory!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Happy 68th! I will turn 68 next month.

Your collages are all lovely.

Have a nice day and a great week ~ FlowerLady

tgarrett said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Connie! I love these spreads you share each week. I will admit that when I think maybe I will do a spread in my journal of something joyful- it turns into a reaction to what is happening in our country. Have a very hard time turning that off. So thankful for these delightful spreads.

Nina Fenner said...

Happy Belated Birthday. I haven't been here for ages but had seen some of your facebook posts. I was worried you were only doing political stuff and no art,and hadn't thought to come here until now. Really happy to see you're making art and I love these collages, really beautiful compositions. And yes, I'm ok about the political stuff and yes, scared for America and the rest of the world. xx

Jeanne Aird said...

Happy Belated Birthday from me too. It does seem that the older you get the faster time passes. I so enjoy your wonderful collages made up of the lovely bright colored birds juxtaposed with the black and white text. It just brings back memories of old treasured books of my childhood. Hope you enjoyed your day!

jenclair said...

Another Belated Happy Birthday! More wonderful collages to celebrate!

Marybeth said...

HB@U...HB2U...HB2U and many more!!! Did you celebrate in righteous style?? I particularly noticed the way the text is used in the background on those posted this time...hmmm wonder why that, this day???

KrisR said...

Happy Birthday!

I would love for you or someone else to talk about being an artist and getting older. Maybe it's no different than being a non-artist and getting older - I'm not sure. I know that at nearly 58, I have this overwhelming sense of the 'clock' ticking ever faster and faster and I often think of how much I want to do yet and how little it probably matters and all kinds of mental gyrations.

I totally understand the impermanence of life (thank you Buddhism) but that doesn't always make it easier or fill me with peace. Sometimes the understanding of impermanence makes me feel like a rat on a wheel.

Do you ever have these thoughts?

Dortesjs said...

awsome love your work