Friday, January 27, 2017


My collages since Monday.

I don't want to turn this venue into a political blog, and I'm beyond ranting.  But nothing is the same now as it was even a week ago.  We've entered into a new world, and we've got to be brave, strong, and clear-headed to negotiate it safely and with sanity.

The political has become very personal...because nearly every one of us, all of us except those at the top, are being and will be affected by the changes that have already begun to happen.  No matter who you voted for.

So I apologize in advance if any of you are offended by my even mentioning this new reality.  You always have the option to stop following me.  (If you're one of the two dozen or so who get an email from me with a link to each post, please email me directly and request to be removed from the list if you want off.)

Because I'm not going to be silent, I'm not going to pretend I'm not appalled at what's happening in this country, thereby giving my tacit approval.

I'd quit Facebook before the election, then came back very briefly right afterward.  Then disappeared again until last weekend.  I'm back full bore again, and the only things I'm following there now are political, but only trustworthy progressive pages, the voices of resistance.

And I've also begun following all the newly-hatched ALT Twitter accounts for government agencies upon which gag orders were placed earlier this week.  Federal employees going rogue, putting the truth out there, defying the new administration's attempts to control the narrative on everything that impacts our lives.

Instagram remains totally devoted to art (for me).

That's all I want to say.  I won't be silent, but I'm not going to rant and rave.  I'll work quietly, in the background, along with millions of others, to do everything we can to set things right again in this country.  We've got a long row to hoe.



Kimberly Rogers said...

I'm with you, I feel so agitated and activated to speak up and share important points of view and worthwhile sites. and these collages are wonderful!

Charlton Stitcher said...

On this side of the Atlantic, so many of us are appalled by what we hear and see. The apparent attempts to control information, the seemingly ad hoc announcements that are then retracted, the insecurities revealed in those in power and the extraordinary views being expressed all alarm us. We live in such uncertain times that we can only hope wisdom quickly wins the day.

And yes, those collages are lovely!

tgarrett said...

Love these collages.....and I am so with you Connie!!!

Jeanne Aird said...

I totally agree with all your sentiments. I keep thinking/hoping this is a very bad nightmare and I will soon wake up. How can this be happening. Your collages are beautiful and cheer me up.

Roberta Warshaw said...

It's funny, I did that with Twitter. I deleted the account. Lucky for me it takes 30 days to delete it completely. I decided that is where the revolution is going to begin so I un-deleted it. I retweet things I think need to be retweeted. On FB I am still not sure about that....And I love Instagram for art only.

Meg Weaves said...

My head looks and feels like Kellyanne Conway, ignorant and frazzled. Now delete this comment with that filthy name, Connie.

Sweetpea said...

Am carrying on my own personal resistance
in a very similar vein to yours.
I realized I could not be silent any longer because
it felt like collusion. And simply *making art* was
not the answer for me - I felt stuck & helpless.
Now that I've changed course and am speaking openly
I've felt very much relieved.
We all have our own ways of dealing with this travesty.......

Anna H said...

Count me in your "army" Connie, trying to do my bit by responding to polls on Facebook, and in everyday life being kind to strangers, smiling and opening doors, not much but every bit helps.....

Marybeth said...

I love the 'Pacific National" is soothing in this sea of political chaos. It is rough living in a small town, in a totally Republican state. There is a big boulder in the room at the weekly quilt group (divided about 1/2 for the current situation and those of us who are fearful of our future). But we go forth in joint joy making art and sharing what goes on in the rest of our has a way of bridging differences and don't we all love that!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This has been such a huge loss. Congress, Senate and Judicial are ready with votes against so many beloved programs. Nevermind the clown in the White House. Trying to stay steady with my resistance.
Great on the collages...!

Jan said...

Yes: Time to rise!