Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New Things

Moonglow, 7.5 x 10.5 inches, handstitched, wholecloth ecodyed fabric

I'm on a bit of a creative roll, something that largely eluded me for much of 2016, despite the fact that I've slowly been producing a small body of handstitched works.

I've gotten enthused about a variety of things via Instagram, as I think I mentioned earlier.  It's being an telling journey, noticing who and what I'm newly or rebootedly interested in at the moment.

For instance, I'm following artists who are into paper goods and Japanese stationery, the world of Midori Travel Notebooks, modern calligraphy aka brush lettering, new ways with mail art...in addition to painters, photographers, handstitchers, ceramicists.

The Midori Travel Notebook (MTN) subculture has really spoken to me.  I don't travel, and I no longer keep or use a calendar-type journal, but I love the format of the regular sized MTN, with inserts (the actual booklets you write in that are attached to the cover of the notebook and can be replaced when they're full) that are 4.25 x 8.25 inches.  And I love and always prefer grid paper, so I got grid paper inserts to work with.

And thus far I'm using mine as an art journal, as it turns out.  Committed to using stuff I've been collecting ~ washi tape, rubber stamps, postage stamps, old paper, illustrations from childrens' books.  There's something about the format that really works for me.

Brush lettering has really captured my imagination as well.  I've got out all my brush pens and italic-nibbed pens, and am thinking seriously about getting some lettering worksheets online.  It's all a matter of practice.  Before I invest, though, I'm considering whether this might just be another passing fancy (as genealogy appears to have been), or whether I'll actually work at it to become skillful. 

The stitched piece at top, Moonglow, is the latest in my SunMoonStars series.  This is a small piece (7.5 x 10.5 inches) of wholecloth ecodyed fabric.  Interestingly, it was more challenging than the other pieces in the series.  And now I'm ready to work with some color again.

I hope you're having a good lead-up to the holidays.  It's all being rather mellow for me; it usually is.

Be well.


jacki long said...

Moonglow is fantastic.
I love the stitching and the earthiness of the composition.
Just wonderful, Connie. Glad all is well.

Jan said...

Ah...Moonglow, it's perfect.I love your collages, too. Looking forward to seeing your brushwork. xxj

The Idaho Beauty said...

Another wonderful piece. As for finding a format to work with, I do think that very important. I've worked in many sizes and kinds of sketchbooks, not knowing exactly what would suit me or even why, but eventually I sensed which ones I naturally felt comfortable with that would let my creativity feel unrestrained. I think these explorations are important, passing fancies or not. I know that I have limited myself in the past, thinking I knew what I needed and didn't need and scoffing at things that I now are totally absorbed in. I think this is a good time for the sorts of things you are playing with. Enjoy the journey and hopefully it will be clear when it is time to get off a particular path or stick with it. Holiday wishes - stay mellow!

KAM said...

I love Moonglow!!!!Truly a great piece.


Leslie said...

Moonglow is very nice. Lots to look at. I think it will inspire me to try something similar with that fabric I rust dyed this summer.
The collages are fun, they feel like the working idea notebook of an author of children's literature.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Connie. Loving the MoonSunStars series. I thought your November comments about the planet taking a turn for the worse were quite pertinent. Today, a friend said to my husband, "why don't you get out of here and go to the States?" So I think things are looking even worse here in Tunisia...2016 was rough. I'm hoping 2017 will be better, if only by force of character and willpower!

jude said...

Mooon Glow is quite beautiful

Sue McQ said...

Moonglow is lovely. Filled with natural energy.