Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sunny Day in Paradise

Sunny Day in Paradise is complete.  It measures 6-1/2 by 19 inches, is entirely handstitched, and all the fabric is handmade except the commercial border fabric.  I really enjoyed making this piece and I'm happy with the way it turned out. 

I learn something new -- or test out new techniques -- with each piece I make.  This piece and Hunter's Moon gave me the opportunity to try out running stitch, aka Kantha stitch, those areas where the stitches pucker the fabric to create interesting waves.  This is the same stitch one uses to create mokume gane, the shibori technique.  You essentially do the same thing as I've done in these pieces, only usually on a larger piece over a more extended area, then dye or discharge the stitched up fabric.  That was one of my favorite shibori techniques when I was dyeing, so I'm glad to be doing it again now with stitching only.

Contrary to the name of the piece, it's raining heavily as I write this.  It's such a treat to have real rain, especially this early in the season.  I've been cooking and baking a lot lately, and my freezer is full of goodies for the coming months.

You'll likely not hear from me before Hallowe'en, so have a safe and fun one.  I think Hallowe'en has eclipsed Christmas as the biggest decoration, and certainly dress-up, event of the year.



Blue Sky Dreaming said...

There is an orderly freedom here...just beautiful! I love how the sun rays reach out and yes to the Kantha stitch!

jenclair said...

Beautiful--and suns, not moons!

Sandra Rude said...


Nina Fenner said...

Hi, I haven't popped in here for a while and I just love these new stitching projects. I know what you mean about trying to replicate reality. I always try to do that and have trouble being abstract. I'm into a lovely colouring book at the moment and I'm trying to see if I can colour in the leaves/flowers/birds etc in non-real colours, eek, really scary!

jacki long said...

So, so beautiful Connie.
A joy to see. ♥

Els said...

Ahhhhh YES Connie !!!! lovely suns !!!

I LOVE what Jude makes us do ! How she has her wonderful quiet
influence on each and everyone of our "stitching community" Ha :
that black-and-white frame ... ;-)

KAM said...

Yes, yes and yes again to the direction you are traveling with your work these days. I love how your personal style emerges in work inspired by Jude. I, too, love spending time stitching along with Jude and love her personal mark, so recognizable. Your work just sings a beautiful, Connie song to this one, yet have truly enjoyed the others you have created in this venture with hand stitching being the principal focus. Bravo for you long, committed life to working with cloth and design.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I love this, Connie! The colors, the stitching, the design. And I'm so glad you are finally getting some rain. Enjoy!

Anonymous said... make it look so easy...beautiful work

john said...

Yes, yes, and yes again! Lovely!