Thursday, September 29, 2016

Soup Weather

Art Journal collage, early 2016
I'm fairly certain I haven't posted this image previously.  I'm blogging from my tablet today and don't have access to my folder of not-yet-posted images.

That roll that I felt I was on, a couple weeks ago, has definitely been slow going this week.  I did finish the foundation piece I was working on, and am in process of basting it to a backing fabric.  I haven't gotten very far on that, though.  Just haven't felt moved to do much of anything this week except read, be off- and online, and just take care of hearth and home.

After a 3-day Indian Summer, fall has really set in.  It's soup weather.  I'm making a pot of minestrone as we speak.  Planning to make a lot of soup this year.  I've gotten too lazy to cook for myself every night, so pots of soup, which can last for weeks frozen, are right up my alley.  We're expecting rain this weekend ~ it's felt like rain for the last couple days.

My sinus problems appear to be gone, largely.  I'm very happy about that, obviously.  Now I'm occasionally adding back in some of the foods that I dropped from my diet nearly seven months ago, to see if I'm truly gluten-intolerant, or whether my body might just have been awash in histamine from a variety of sources back then, that it appeared that everything with even a speck of gluten in it caused major allergy symptoms.  The blood test I had in January sure didn't look like I was seriously gluten-intolerant, as the allergen levels were low-to-non-existent on nearly all the relevant foods.

I've added back in organic butter, and an occasional organic egg in something baked.  Last night I had sushi with rice.  So far, no problemo.  I've also been experimenting with gluten-free baking, trying to master the chemistry of that like I mastered the chemistry of cheesecake a few years ago.  I'll probably never bake a cheesecake again, sadly.

I read a fascinating history recently called Lawrence in Arabia by Scott Thompson, about T.E. Lawrence's role in Arabia during WWI.  And then saw the movie Lawrence of Arabia again last weekend.  Everything going on in the film finally made sense to me.  The book also provided a good grounding in understanding the realities of the continuing wars and general unrest in the Middle East.  The truth is very different from what we've been lead to believe.

Enjoy the last days of September.  October is my favorite month, so I'm looking forward to the shorter days and some gloomy weather.  Rain would be a bonus.


Els said...

So good to hear your health has improved ! Good !

Ha, nothing better than a good pot of soup !!!

It's always a tricky business to find out what food
is good for you when you have an allergy (or skin trouble,
like my daughter ...)

Our Indian summer was long, this weekend we get a little
rain, like today, but then the warmth will return (they
say ....) But wind and the first coloured leaves today tell
that autumn isn't far away.

October will be a busy "Pink Ribbon" month for me again ;-)

Take care, Connie

jacki long said...

So glad you're feeling better Connie!
Thanks for the stamp e-mail, I am flattered you thought of me.
Maybe send some of that rain down this way?
I so love rain and would even make some soup! ;o)

jenclair said...

I envy you your soup weather, but I know ours is coming. I love soups and look forward the appropriate weather. Glad you are doing so much better after the sinus surgery!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

We're soup sisters! I just made a pot of minestrone last week, and love soup weather, as well as the making of soups. Oh, I do hope you get rain, nice easy frequent rain all through the fall and winter. Wouldn't it be wonderful? The state needs it desperately, I know.
I think we could all benefit from a real study of world history, if only there were sources that could write it as it really was, not how some would like us to believe. I'm really growing very tired of skewed information!
Take care, and enjoy the autumn...