Monday, August 29, 2016

The Way It Is

I saw the ENT today.  He threaded a tiny camera up my right sinuses and confirmed that there's no infection therein, but the sinus that is blocked is so blocked with mucus, that he could not see whether it was only mucus in there or perhaps a polyp or other obstruction. 

So I'll be having an outpatient procedure in the near future where he'll go in and clean out that sinus cavity.  I'll be asleep during the procedure.  The only other options are steroids, oral or spray, which I simply will not do, or doing nothing at all.  I've opted for cleaning out the cavity.

I thought long and hard about whether I really wanted or needed a cellphone, and decided against one, in the end.  I simply can't justify it; but mostly, I don't want one.  I take a certain amount of pride in being a luddite ~ getting an android tablet is as far as I want to go with electronic devices. 

Meanwhile, I already have a rechargeable long-distance account on my landline, and when the time comes that I feel I need to, I'll simply keep the handset by my bed at night.  If and when the time comes that I really need a phone for emergency purposes, I'll buy a cheap Tracfone and buy time for it.  Simple is always better for me.

With regard to taking photos and manipulating the images, I'll continue to use my trusty Canon PowerShot A570 IS.  It turns out there's a desktop app for Google Photos, and I can upload images from the camera directly into Google Photo on my computer, and then have access to them for manipulation on my tablet.  Easy peasy.  I spent a few hours late last week working with a bunch of different android photo apps, and selected five or six that I really love.

I started cutting squares this morning from that stack of fabrics.  Hoping/planning to spend time this week beginning a new project, and possibly two projects with the same group of fabrics.

Hope you have a great week.  xo


Jan said...

I foresee clear sinuses in your future--yay!! It's bloody amazing that a tiny camera could check this out: I wonder what was done in the past? I'm happy that you are truly on your way to a solution...and that there's no infection. xxj

Marybeth said...

OMGosh..when you get rid of that infection and blockage you are going to feel like a new woman ...... with energy to burn! I am enjoying your "electronics path" because I shut down when faced with making those decisions. I have friends who rely only on tracphone - emergencies, travel - and have lived long and happy lives :)

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Best wishes on this sinus procedure...nice to have relief and to be asleep during the process. Good healing days ahead!
Always feels good to begin a project and you have possibly two in the plans. Best wishes!

john said...

I love how calm this piece is. Your color choices are fantastic. Good luck with your health issue. :-)

Charlton Stitcher said...

I love that image ... complex yet so calm ... Lovely. May it bring you healing!

The Idaho Beauty said...

From your descriptions, I was pretty sure you had blocked sinuses and perhaps polyps. And now it has been confirmed. I had that surgery done on both sinuses a few years back, mine so bad that they were badly infected. No amount of nettie pot rinsings, antibiotics and steroids helped for long. I really didn't think my breathing was that blocked, seldom felt like I had a stuffy nose, but boy, what a difference after the surgery! Glad you have opted for this solution.

Smiling over your decision not to get a smart phone. I didn't want to say anything while you were sussing out your needs and the best way to go, but truly for people like us, a landline with rechargeable handset and simple Tracfone is enough when we have a good camera and computer with internet access. There may come a time when my mind changes about this, but for now, a smart phone for me would just be overkill and I know how addicted I would become to it. I'm addicted enough to my Kindle Fire which was a present. :-)

Am really enjoying your simple work with textiles again. Proof that simple need not mean simplistic. Much depth in these explorations of palette and hand stitch.