Saturday, July 2, 2016

Field of Green

This is Field of Green, 14 x 16 inches.  The difference between the finished piece here and the one I showed you several weeks ago is that this has been quilted, with Gutermann metallic copper sewing thread. 

If you read my early post yesterday, which no longer exists, just forget we had that conversation.

I always loved this piece just as it was/is.  Some voice in my head, though, said it wasn't done enough just as it is.  So I spent several days during the past week mucking it up with appliqued tree branches (which I saved and will use elsewhere) and way too much embroidery.

During the day yesterday, after posting the now-deleted image, I felt so uncomfortable about what I'd done with this piece that I deleted the post.  I spent last night removing all the embroidery and the applique, and treating the quilt with a solution to remove the pencil and chalk markings (which are 95% gone).  And this morning I added bits of quilting in places that were previously covered by applique.

That was just another one of life's many lessons in trusting my intuition.  If something is simple and beautiful and I like it just the way it is, that's good enough.

What I love most about this hand stitching work is building the base with little squares, and applique when I use it.  I don't want to do a tremendous amount of embroidery on every piece -- Energy Rising (now called Kundalini Rising), was an exception.

I've already cut out squares for my next piece, a paean or ode to the darkening sky.  Now I can start in on it with a clear conscience, now that I cleaned up Field of Green.

If you're in the States, I hope you have a safe and fun holiday weekend; and just a plain-old great weekend to the rest of you.  


The Idaho Beauty said...

Yes, this has plenty of interest just as it is. In fact, now I can see that the area around the nine patch is made up of uneven squares, some even raveling. I am fond of saying, simple does not have to be simplistic. Great save!

jacki long said...

This is beautiful Connie!

I apologize if I said too much yesterday?
I meant well, but later wished after I hadn't rambled on.
Hope you'll forgive me? ♥

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I've been a follower of Jude's Spirit Cloth blog for a long while, and this piece reminds me of hers - simple, understated, and full of visual interest.

Jan Ward said...

Simplicity. We forget sometimes how powerful it can be.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I like these added stitches...the center still a beautiful calm surrounded by lovely textured opaque white squares and the small circles shapes for delight...perfect to me!

john said...

Although I do not really sew, I certainly can appreciate the fine workmanship of what you create. Just lovely!

KAM said...

Constance - Being friends for well over 15 years I have come to know your work in a variety of textile and paper-related fields. I am truly loving these new explorations. Yes, some of Jude's influence is here, but mostly I just see the clear artistic sensibility of Constance Rose. This work is lovely, serene and invites me to stay for a while with it enlarged on the screen. I love your work and wake each morning to a beautiful piece of your fiber work on the wall in my bedroom....and sitting in a basket waiting for some quiet moments away from gardening chores is some of your hand-spun from eons ago that will make a lovely new top for me to wear!
Keep going with this new simple, straightforward journey with your is truly enchanting.