Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Staying in Touch

I spent Wednesday through last Sunday working on my latest piece, which isn't this nine patch.  I won't show the new piece until it's finished.  It's long and narrow, that much I'll say, also that it has personal significance for me at this time. 

What I accomplished last week was to assemble the 115 inch-and-a-half squares together, add batting (a thin piece of fabric) and backing, and quilt it.

I've just begun the embellishment, most of which will be embroidery.  The next few days are completely clear for me so I hope to make a lot of headway...or possibly even finish.

I'll also say that this piece, which came to me last Monday evening, will be the first piece of art in my life that went from inspiration to fruition in such a brief period of time.  I've been known to fiddle-fart around to the point where I completely talk myself out of even bothering to begin many projects in my life.  So this new thrust of "idea to manifestation" is new for me. 

I attribute this change to numerous threads in my life right now ~ the idea of impermanence, that everything changes all the time and that we only have now, really; the opening of my heart and my creative channels with the healing work I'm doing; love of the raw materials and the sheer joy of working with them; and likely more I can't think of at the moment.

The small piece above was a test piece I did prior to completing Gravity's Rainbow, on which I experimented with construction methods as well as that cool embroidered dot (thanks Jude) in the center of each square.

Lots of good things happening here.  I hope there are in your life as well.



KAM said...

It is wonderful to follow along with you as you venture into this new land of concept into design in cloth and thread. Your "story" of where you are as artist has meat that speaks to me....thank you for taking the time to write as you go along with your work.

john said...

Give me anything green with a hint of blue and I am won over Super! Can't wait to see what you are keeping from us. :-)

Jan said...

What KAM and John said. And I love the simplicity of this 9-patch. xxj

Jacki Long said...

Love hearing and seeing what you're up to,
and so appreciate your sharing.
I am very fond of the small square
that shows your keen design eye.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Your posts of late have made me smile, knowing that you are enjoying what you are doing and where you are going! We need a "like" button here! Look forward to seeing more soon! <3

Marybeth said...

You're latest posts sound like you are in a happy place. I know Rose Cottage is a happy place, but I mean a happy personal place and that makes me smile!! It is nice to see you playing with fabric again 'cause you know I LOVE your fabric!!! How is your garden growing??

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This test piece is a stand alone beauty! Nice ride you are taking with the new piece and I look forward to its debut! Great when mind and heart reach the same place...joyful!

jenclair said...

Duh! I thought I had commented on this! I love the 9 patch for all the unique fabrics you create and the orange dots in the center. Beautiful work, Connie!