Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Coming Home

I'd had a yen to handstitch again, so that's what I've been doing for the last little while.

This is Gravity's Rainbow, 14 x 17 inches, more handmade fabric than not, entirely handstitched, inspired by Jude Hill/Spirit Cloth.

It feels a bit like I've come home, to cloth that is.  I'll paint again at some point, but for now my love is working with fabric again.  Everything I do, though, will be handstitched.

My hands really got a workout the first couple weeks I returned to cloth, and I had a tremendous amount of pain from overusing them.  Not arthritis I'm glad to say, just overuse.  I've learned now to take it easy and spread the work out over more days than previously.  The stitching is addictive, however.

I had great fun reorganizing all my fabrics, handmade and commercial, into drawers by color.  I have more future stitching projects in mind than I'll probably ever get to in what's left of my lifetime, or til my hands give out.

I just reopened my Etsy Shop, and listed a number of paintings in addition to the handwoven fabrics that are there.  I also listed three small framed art quilts, with a few more art quilts to follow.

I've been reading lots, as always.  Here are a few books I recommend:

In other news ~~ Life is good and I'm glad we're on the cusp of summer.  Been cleaning up my garden, such as it is, a little bit at a time.  Continuing to eat extremely well and I've lost about 10 pounds without that having been a specific goal.  Mail art still comes in and goes out.  Now that the weather has warmed up I'll start walking again more regularly. 

Thanks to all you folks who have continued to read the blog in my absence over the past couple months. 

Enjoy the last of spring!  Blessings.