Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February Eighteenth

Here are most of the paintings I did for Lesson 2 of Jane's class, 100 Drawings on Cheap Drawing Paper.  These are all 9 x 12 inches on 80# drawing paper.

The project was to slap paint on a sheet of paper, in just 20 seconds (I couldn't do it in less than 30 seconds), scribble over that with a graphite crayon, then blot with another sheet of paper.  Then, after the piece was dry, to over paint it, leaving some of the original painting in some places, covering over some areas completely with opaque paint, and letting other places show through transparent paint.

I'm happy with all of these.

Tomorrow is my birthday, February 18.  The eighteenth of February is a strange day, although just one of twelve presumably strange days in the year...because it is on the cusp of two astrological signs, in this case, Aquarius and Pisces.  Until I was 28, I thought my sign was Aquarius (air sign) because all the commercial magazines that have horoscopes in them list February 18 as Aquarius, and some even say February 19 is the last day of Aquarius.

However, when I had my chart done in the late 70s by an astrologer, it turned out that I'm a Pisces (water sign).  For February 18, and I would suspect for each of the other 11 cusp days in the year, whether you are one sign or the other is dependent on what year you were born and what time of day your birth occurred.

I've always felt as though I was standing in two worlds -- the outer world and the inner world -- and when I learned I was right on the cusp, that feeling began to make sense.  When I look at my life as a whole, I can see that I spent the earlier part of it in the outer world, and that I am now fully ensconced in the inner world.  In other words, I went from being an airhead to being a water baby.  This I can relate to.

I had my chart done three times over the years, but the first was the only one that nailed it.  By which I mean the difficulties that I would subsequently encounter throughout my life were spelled out right there in that view of where the planets were at the moment of my birth, replete with squares and oppositions all over the place (compared to a chart with a lot of conjunctions and trines, which indicate harmony and ease).

I've known an inordinate number of people in my life who had the same birthday as me -- a couple of them were lovers, and one I was even in relationship with for three years.  That last one was definitely an Aquarius.  He was several years older than me, and we couldn't have been more different, in the end.  When we met, though, I was all "woo woo" because we had the same birthday.  That was probably why I got involved with him in the first place, being I was in my occult-mystical phase at the time.  I thought the fact that we shared the same birthday meant something.  It didn't. 

And Happy Birthday to D.A., a blog reader whose birthday is also February 18.

Enough said for now.


Jacki Long said...

First of all, Happy Birthday!
I think I was on time last year,
but will be a bit late this year.
But that extends the birthday celebration, right?
Wishing you a wonderful day and an excellent year ahead.
Love your new classworks, they meets one of my requirements ...
I can tell you had fun.

Sandra Rude said...

Love these paintings. They have great depth, I'm guessing because of the combination of opaque and transparent paints. And please do have a wonderful birthday, whatever sign you feel like on the 18th.

Dori Singh said...

I love birthdays! Have a wonderful one!

Jan said...

I love these--they ARE fun!!

Your BD goodies will be late this year...ahem. The wishes, however, apply year 'round: I'm so glad you were born and that you have weathered the churlish cuspish issues and are here! Love you and all you share. xxj

jenclair said...

Happy Birthday, Connie! Love the paintings!

letterlover said...

Happy Birthday, Connie. Because of you, I've signed up for two of Jane's online classes. Love her style and your own unique delivery.

Had to laugh at your love affair with birthday buddy!! We are such funny creatures, what we sometimes connect to with others!

Have a special celebration and know that what you do has such tremendous influence on so many. That is your most prized, precious birthday gift of all, Connie.

All the best for the next year!

Diana Angus said...

Happy birthday Connie! Thanks for the shout out; I hope sharing this date with you does not end the same way as the birthday buddy in your story. I still think of myself as Aquarius but have yet to confirm it with a proper analysis of the stars on the day I was born. Anyway, we are all stardust, and I am happy to think that we were both born on the same calendar day.

I hope your birthday is filled with contentment and loving kindness.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Happy Birthday, and may the coming year be even better than the last! I have never had my chart done, but do know I was always told that I was most compatible with those born under the sign of Pisces... see there? We were meant to have a connection!
Love your paintings... so free-flowing and colorful! Enjoy the classes and I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Happy Birthday! Both good signs and interesting how you relate to one earlier and now the other! Enjoy today and all the days ahead!
You have been very busy...these are beautiful in color and shape and and ...just great!

Anna H said...

Have a most wonderful birthday Connie, sorry I didn't know ahead of time, would have sent a card out. I love your work for the class, I see a bit of Georgia O'Keefe in some of them?

Jeannie said...

Happy Birthday! I have two cousins with the same birthday, 5 years older and 15 years younger. We are all on the cusp and one is definately different that my younger cousin & me. C is on the cusp, too. I wonder if we seek out other "confused" beings? I love your paintings. They have depth and interest, which is so hard to achieve. May your next trip around the sun be filled with joy and peace. xo

The Idaho Beauty said...

Have left a bday greeting over on FB but knowing how sporadically you spend time there, or here too, thought I'd cover my bases. Hoping you have the most lovely day in celebration of your arrival on this earth!

And speaking of lovely - what a lovely group of paintings you've graced your post with...

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Connie. Happy belated birthday. I'm glad I dropped by to thank you for your moral support, which is so important to me as we face a lot of evil these days in Tunisia. The good will of the blogging community has helped alleviate the depression into which we were sinking. I really can't thank you enough.
And I LUV your "fast" paintings--the saturation of color is wonderful, so pleasing. I hope I'll be able to stop by more often to see where this project goes. And thanks again.
Best, nadia

Peggy Lynn said...

Now that I know the date, I shall not miss your birthday next year! Love the paintings!

Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

All of these paintings look great, Connie! I hope you had a terrific birthday. I don't know anyone else with your exact birthday, but so many of my friends have February birthdays (including two of my closest high school friends with whom I'm still in touch and whose bd's are close to yours on the Pisces side), that I've long thought of it as "everyone's birthday month." I'm also married to a February Aquarian (and I know 4 others with his same birthday as well)... ! At a any rate... happy belated birthday! I hope you have a wonderful, fulfilling and creative year filled with much that is good.

Charlton Stitcher said...

Sorry I missed this great event ... birthdays should never be ignored!
I have several January / February / March birthdays in my diary - including my own. I too am 'on the cusp' (of Capricorn and Aquarius). Never having had my chart done properly, I read both and come to my own conclusions, but find it amazing how many Aquarians I know and am friends with. Piceans seem to figure quite strongly too.

Maggi said...

Very belated birthday greetings Connie from a fellow Piscean.

The paintings are filled with movement and I like the way in which the buckling of the cheap drawing paper gives the appearance of a textile piece.