Sunday, December 6, 2015

Stuff and Nonsense

Acrylics and paper on cradled panel, 11 x 14 inches
My latest collage painting is 11 x 14 inches on cradled panel.  The completely flat surface was a real challenge.  I purchased several of these panels a few months back, when I was doing a different style of painting, at a time when I wanted a really flat surface as well as a deeper finished painting than I could get on a 1/8-inch thick canvas panel.

However, the challenge was good for me.  I'll do the next painting in this series on another cradled panel.

That cold I mentioned 2 weeks ago:  I still have it.  It keeps coming and going.  On the days that I feel well, I have absolutely no symptoms.  On the days I feel not so well, my head is stuffed up horribly.  Meanwhile, I haven't had any sore throat, no fever or aches so I know this isn't a flu -- just a really stuffy head on some days but not on others.  Weird.
Acrylics and paper on hardboard, 6 x 6 inches

In case you didn't see it last Wednesday, this week's giveaway is a small painting on hardboard, 6 x 6 inches.

To enter the drawing, either leave me an email here, or include your email address in the body of your comment to this post.  I'll do a drawing on Wednesday December 9 and I'll email the winner directly.  Don't hesitate to enter; your chances of winning are excellent (only two entrants so far since Wednesday).

I've seen a number of good films since my last movie report.  These were all from Netflix.

Muscle Shoals -- another excellent documentary about the mid-20th-century music business.
Annie Liebovitz: Life Through a Lens
Everlasting Moments -- Swedish film
Million Dollar Arm -- great sports-related film
The Hundred-Foot Journey
McFarland, USA -- another excellent sport-related film

I've never considered myself much of a sports fan -- but I find that I really love sports movies...because they're always good human interest stories that are about way more than just sports.  One of my fave movies sports or not is Bend It Like Beckham, which I've seen maybe half a dozen times.

I have had my sports-loving moments, though.  Like watching this year's Superbowl online (thank you NFL) so I could see The New England Patriots and Tom Brady win another Superbowl.   Although I don't regularly follow any team in any league and probably never will again.

Have a good week.  Thanks for reading! 


Maggi said...

I really like the fact that there is so much to take in on the cradled panel. Love the piece on the hardboard too, but are you happy to ship overseas? Hope your cold goes for good soon.

Jan said...

Did you read the book The 100 Foot Journey or watch the film or both. I read the book after seeing the movie and enjoyed the depth and breadth of it--all the stuff that can't bet into a film.

So sorry about your cold and so glad it isn't flu! Be well soon.

What's cradled panel? I like the painting!

Dori Singh said...

Sorry you are not feeling well.
Hope you fully recover soon.

Thanks for the movie list!
I actually have McFarland, USA
ready to watch.

Els said...

Love your latest painting Connie !
You're GOOD at "mixed" you always find these special bits !

Lovely small "circled one" ;-)

Ahhhh .... I had a cold like that weeks ago : coming and going
for at least three weeks ... could hardly sleep with my stuffed
up nose .... grrrrr ;-( !
All the best to you !

MegWeaves said...

Get well, not soon, but today. Maybe you need your own cheesecake.

Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

Sorry to hear the cold won't go away! This might be a silly question, but are you sure it's not an allergy? My own stuffed up and sneezing allergy stuff has been worse than ever this year.

I'm glad you've been busy painting in spite of the drippy head.

Please enter me in the drawing! I'd love another Connie Rose original. I do believe you have the email address... ;-)

The Inside Stori said...

I’m replying not so much to enter your drawing, though I love your collages…..but to say….perhaps you are dealing with an allergy…not a cold?? Though I dislike taking any sort of medicine….I now realize Clariton helps me get through the fall weather yet still allows me to think straight!

I too love sports movies…….you might enjoy “United’ (a soccer theme)

Anna H said...

I love the new piece, great work! Sending healing energy your way, I hope it helps.....

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Love everything about this piece...especially the color.
Documentaries can be pleasant surprises over some of these romantic dramas I have been watching. Thanks for the list.