Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Going in Circles

Acrylics on stretched canvas, 20 x 20 inches
This is a 20 x 20 inch piece I painted at least a month ago.  It might be finished but I'm not sure.  Part of me is uncomfortable with all that white space; part of me is beguiled by the painting and doesn't want to change anything.  So I guess I'm calling it done, for now.

In the past few months, since I began awakening, I've been making amends to people, mostly people I'm no longer friends with.  Humbly apologizing for my unkind, dysfunctional behaviors in the past.  Taking full responsibility for what went wrong -- because I can now see others' behaviors towards me as simply each person's best strategy for dealing with what I was dishing out. 

It is enormously freeing to do this, although it comes with a lot of pain, the pain associated with finally allowing myself to see just how misguided my actions were in the past, and feeling, viscerally, the impact of the harm done to others.  Painful, but the right thing to do. 

The winner of last week's pen giveaway has been notified.  Thanks to those who entered.

This week's giveaway is a duo of small circle paintings, 5-1/2 inches square, on watercolor paper.

To enter the drawing, either leave me an email here, or include your email address in the body of your comment to this post.  I'll do a drawing on Wednesday November 11 and I'll email the winner directly.

Have a good week.  Blessings.


letterlover said...

I appreciate and love the raw emotion in your writing. I actually had to grab a pencil and copy the verbiage. As a mom, I've apologized more than once to my boys. It is a painful process, but so liberating. You say it so eloquently..."misguided actions".

I had to laugh after reading such powerful words quickly transitioning into "the winner of last weeks giveaway..."

I love your art but more than that, your story, which you need to tell. We need to hear it. It makes us feel less alone. Truly, we are all more alike than we are different.

Thank you for sharing!

Els said...

Ahhh Conny, would love to stitch on your paintings ;-)
I know that feeling : stop or continue ...... leaving it
a bit is usually the best way !

You're brave ! (But, most people's "wrong-doings" are not
intentionally ...... ;-) ...)

Charlton Stitcher said...

Being away, I'm no good for the giveaway this time, though that red circle is very beguiling!

layers said...

I love all the circles in your painting... they show up well because of all the ligjht areas around the circles...wonderful painting. said...

Love that red dot! Just saw a lot of Miro's work in Spain and I loved his dots and his symbols -- so cool and inspiring.