Sunday, July 12, 2015

Essential Silence

Acrylics, vintage paper, cardboard on canvas panel, 12x12"
This is one of two paintings I did for lesson 6 of 8 Great Paintings.

The alpha-numerics, the dots and the diamonds were created with spray paint over stencils on deli paper.  I've wanted to do this for eons but I detest using spray paint because of its noxious fumes.  I tried every other thing I could think of ~ including spraying ink, spraying high-flow acrylics and/or thinned fluid acrylics, using a wide marker over stencils, daubing paint over stencils, and probably something else I can't recall at the moment, anything short of investing in an airbrush system ~ but in the end, I bit the bullet.  Because nothing else worked.

So I bought a can of spray paint recently, put on a dust mask, worked outside one morning before the wind came up, and finished the entire can of paint making sheets of collage fodder.  There.  Done with.  Likely won't have to do ever again.  As I sprayed each sheet of deli paper, I put blank sheet over the top of the stencil and brayered over it with my hands, so I have an equal number of reverse images.

Made my first cheesecake of the year yesterday.  Haven't broken into it yet, but will, for breakfast this morning.  Here's the recipe, if you didn't get it last year.

I've really been indulging my love of crossword puzzles lately.  For years I've been doing the weekly Los Angeles Times Sunday puzzle, which I get online.  Recently I decided to buy a book of New York Times Sunday puzzles, but when I got the book (from Amazon), the paper was so crappy and the text was so microscopic, that I returned the book right away.  Meanwhile, I found another link online, the Wall Street Journal's Friday puzzle, and now I'm downloading two a week.  The WSJ puzzles are especially challenging, and I've printed them out back through the start of 2014.

Saw two French films that I liked a lot, via Netflix ~ Incendies, and Queen to Play.  Watching 1864 online (when I am online), a Danish historical miniseries.  There's a group of a dozen or so Danish film/TV actors that I've been following, who show up in pretty much everything that's produced from there.

The post title, essential silence, refers to the skillful practice of speaking only when necessary and of responding appropriately.  One of the reasons I prefer to be alone so much and why I don't like talking on the phone very much, is that I don't like mindless speech, i.e. talking just for the sake of hearing oneself speak.  I'd rather talk less and have what I have to say when I do speak be honest and authentic.  Especially after a lifetime of overreaction and verbal spewing.

Hope you have a great week.  xx   

6 comments: said...

Love the painting! And I would like a piece of cheesecake please!

ileneharris said...

I always like your art when you include text. I guess I just enjoy text in art. Hmmm...

jacki long said...

Another beauty Connie!
And I too hate the phone and love quiet,
but then I morph into a talking fool when I teach! ;op

Maggi said...

I really do like this piece and am glad that you managed to use the spray paint without any detrimental effect. Waiting for a non-windy day can be a pain. I find that the phone is one of the most intrusive inventions.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I'm with you on the phone... much prefer to do my communicating via e-mail, but alas... so many people now only text, and I will not go there. Clever idea, stenciling on deli paper. Your piece is very interesting, with the texture and stencils.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Beautiful piece. Hate the phone. Yum for the cheesecake.