Sunday, June 21, 2015


Acrylics on canvas panel, 9x12 inches
Thanks for your comments on my last post, especially about Facebook.  I know all the tricks, of course, how to stop following people without UNfriending them, etc.  What it boils down to, is that I really don't want to follow anyone on Facebook anymore, not even my friends.

Following blogs is good enough for me now.  And for news, most of which is bad anyway, Bill Maher's weekly monologue puts the appropriate spin on things.  None of the rest matters, really.  I can't do anything about any of it anyway.

So, no longer using Facebook means that just two days a week is quite enough for me to be on the computer.  And here I thought I needed a new computer ~ at my new-current rate of usage, my existing system could be my last!

I'm just finishing a terrific book (that I "bought" for the library via ZipBooks), All The Wild That Remains, by David Gessner.  It's a review of Edward Abbey's and Wallace Stegner's lives and their love for, writings about and advocacy of The West.  I've read both authors previously and loved their works, especially Desert Solitaire by Abbey, and Angle of Repose, Stegner's Pulitzer-winning historical novel.  I'll be rereading several of theirs and other authors' books soon as well as some new-to-me authors mentioned in All The Wild That Remains.

I just love reading about people living happily away from our so-called civilized world ~ more and more this is what I consider myself to be doing, by choice.  I've actually spent a good deal of time over the last 25+ years reading about such people and their lives, so this trend for my own life is certainly not new.  Where I am on the spiral of life now, though, is where I can actualize such thoughts and ideas in my own reality.

I never really wanted to be a part of the rat race, a player in the dominant paradigm.  I did it while I had to but it was never a good fit.  Being on the edge, on the outside, is where I belong.


Els said...

Hmmmm Connie, I think you speak for many of us ;-)

Diana Angus said...


As it happens I have just closed my FB account. The feedback loop is seductive, and I will miss some of the artists' images I found while sucked into the "feed," but not much more. The most popular social network has a false front to it. It is predominantly a marketing tool, even for artist friends, as they follow their "coach" to use media in a savvy way to keep the spotlight focused on them or their work.

I just cannot make myself join Pinterest or any other popular way of sharing. I guess I'll go back to following blogs and I will keep my account on Instagram. Sometimes it is better to take inventory and whittle down to having everything you need within reach.

You continue to simplify your belongings and your way of daily living to an admiral lifestyle. I have a long way to go to reach what you have accomplished. Thanks for all of the reading recommendations.

Anonymous said...

Putting in deep roots to the land is good. I feel torn sometimes between being on the computer and being free of it. For work right now I have to be on, but I am spending less time just cruising facebook and the like and more time doing things I want to do, which is making me happier. A quick jump in and out. xox

DWhiteCreations said...

yeah, the outside feels about right for me :)

Sandra Rude said...

I'm about to drop Facebook, too. There are enough time sinks in my life at the moment.

BTW, I love that painting. The textures are wonderful.

john said...

Just love the texture! It is amazing how so many colors can make grey tones. :-)

Maggi said...

I do like the depth that you have achieved in this piece.

Leslie said...

Love the painting - great texture and I've always liked gray. Makes me think of looking out the window at night during a heavy rain. I guess I'm terribly literal, but that's what I thought when I first saw it.