Monday, June 1, 2015


Acrylics on canvas panel, 12x12 inches
I'm striving for minimalism in my art at the moment.  This is my first piece for Lesson 4 of 8 Great Paintings.  Lesson 3 didn't resonate for me so I moved on to the next.

I've seen a lot of excellent art online recently, paintings and collage.  What I'm really drawn to now are basic shapes and lines, monochromatic palettes, spontaneity.  Art as an expression of the moment, rather than something labored over.  Today's masters, for me, are the artists who say whatever it is they have to say, and move on to the next.

I spent most of the weekend on the couch, reading and dozing.  It was luxurious.  I could spent a lot of the rest of my life doing that ~ I probably will.  There aren't many (any?) metaphorical mountains for me to climb at this point, which is just fine.  I had my share of really-stressful years.  Now it's kick-back time, for all intents and purposes.

Hope you have a lovely week.  xx


john said...

You totally deserve to kick-back and smell the roses. Love how you are doing it, too with your art and your reading and your writings.

jenclair said...

Love this one--intriguing points of interest, but soothing.

anja said...

aren't you Lucky!