Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mood Gris

Acrylics on canvas panel, 12x12 inches
Another monochromatic painting, 12x12 inches on canvas panel.

I'm reading a terrific non-fiction book at the moment, The Abstract Wild by deep ecologist Jack Turner.  I read a great interview with Turner in a 2014 issue of The Sun recently.  The book wasn't available (yet) through our library system, so I ordered one through the library's ZipBook program.  When I'm finished, it'll go into the Humboldt County Library system.

I'm mid-way through another great interview in The Sun, this one with Rev. Lynice Pinkard, also from late last year.  And I also recently read this Noam Chomsky interview in The Sun, from last year.

These people are all truth tellers.  I don't want to hear it or read it anymore if it isn't the truth.  I have no more time for lies, obfuscations, disinformation, betrayal, duplicity, fraud, hypocrisy, deception, deceit, treason...  Everything you read or hear via the mainstream media is all of those things.  You have to dig out the truth, via alternative outlets, if you're looking for it.

I confess to not subscribing to The Sun ~ I get discarded back issues from the library's free box.  Entire issues are also available online, for free.  The Sun is completely reader supported, ad-free...which is why they can print the truth.  The magazine is beholden to no one.

I read this quote in one of the above-mentioned interviews the other day:  "The opposite of "rich" isn't "poor"'s "free," as in freedom.


Charlton Stitcher said...

I just love this subtle work with its great textures and lovely gentle colours ... beautiful ... and monochrome!

ileneharris said...

There are many members of the Humboldt Unitarian Fellowship who subscribe to The Sun and often leave copies in our free box, so others may enjoy the thoughtful, well-written articles...

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Nice you have found the monochromatic palette and the easy mark making...a lovely way to develop 'your style' in these classes. my what you love and then keep doing it...kinda a retirement thing!