Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Do Over

This is the new version of the painting below, which I did for one of the lessons in Layer Love 2.0.

I just never liked the original.  What I'm finding is that I can learn the techniques just fine and get a good handle on them.  But in the end I'd rather paint more freely and spontaneously.  Less contrived.

Dear friend Corrine Gilman, from Sparkle Day Studio, left these comments to my last post:

"One of the things I taught in my intuitive painting workshops is to take some paints and just cover the surface with color every which way until something emerges.  Or take some crayons/pastels and scribble.  Gets the juices flowing and starts a way forward.  Or start journaling all over the canvas and then begin to cover it with paint, or collage every which way until you "feel" something showing up.  Trust the Brush."  And then, "It's easy to get lost in the head and not get out of your own way.  Most of the time now I (she) can just do.  Another good one is if it's ugly, make it uglier and see where it goes.  Anything can be painted over with gesso!"

I've taken her words to heart.


ileneharris said...

All I can say is WOW! Love the colors AND the embedded abalone pieces (at least, that's what I think they are). And YES to learning techniques but not feeling obligated to carry them out the way the instructor does. Good on you...

Els said...

Ha, that's the fun : just paint over it if you're not satisfied !

(missed a few days ... LOVE your studio !!!!)

Roberta Warshaw said...

That is gorgeous! Those colors are so jewel-like!

Jan said...

How marvelous! And what fun to transform a painting.

What she told you is what I told my journal workshop peeps: just write, don't edit, don't cross out, if you can't think of something to write, then write that you can't think of anything to say--repeating as often as necessary until something else comes. Magic.