Saturday, April 11, 2015

Comfort Zones

Acrylics and rusted washers on panel, 6x6 inches
This small (6 x 6") piece was my second for Lesson 8.  Other than being another exercise in embedding objects on a painting, I wanted to experiment with a faux wax finish.

I didn't have any beeswax to use for a wax finish, and soy wax, which I did have, isn't hard enough to use for this purpose.  So I made a wax-like finish with a combination of matte and gloss gel mediums and a drop each of a couple iridescent fluid acrylics.  Worked like a charm to give a waxy-looking finish.  Although next time I do this, I'd definitely add a smidge of open medium so the finish stays wet long enough to carve into it.

Anyway, about comfort zones in art making...the painting I showed the other day (the abalone piece) and especially the one I'm working on now, are outside my comfort zone.  Guess that's what's so cool about Layer Love 2.0, the opportunity to try a bunch of different techniques to find out which ones speak to me and which ones to leave behind after the class.

And about comfort zones in other senses ~ I've been thinking about travel in general, and the fact that I have no desire to do any traveling at all anymore.  This absence of wanderlust has been driven home for me over the last few years since I began reading mysteries that take place in international locales, primarily Scandinavia, Italy and Great Britain.  All places I've been to, interestingly.  Any romantic notions I once entertained about how cool it would be to hang out in these places at sometime in the future have been trounced by my awakening to the fact that life in these "exotic" places has become just as crime-ridden as it is here in the States.  Add to that the realities of far too many people existing on this small planet, especially in lovely, art-filled cities and inspiring out-of-the-way spots, the vicissitudes of traveling which become more trying every year, the ever-increasing costs of everything, and the fact that you don't have anything to show for travel once you're back home, except for stuff and memories...and my mind is clear about the whole "not traveling" thing.

Home is where my zone of comfort is.  All that vagabonding I did back in the day, all that moving from one location and situation and relationship to the next, playing with different personae in an effort to find the real me, made me realize that the only way I am able to be comfortable in life is to be in one place.  And to live my life from there (or here).  A staging area or landing zone...both, actually. 

I simply don't want to go anywhere.  I'm not comfortable sleeping anywhere but my own bed.  I want to be with BeeGee every day.  I like my routines.  I'm happy with the food I make for myself.  I don't want to go through the anxieties of planning trips, the hassles of getting there, the costs of being there, the "stranger in a strange land" I inevitably feel when I leave home.  If there's anything I feel I absolutely need to see, I'll find it online, or rent the DVD.

No bucket list, no wanderlust, no "have-to's-before-I-die."  Just peace, contentment, quietude, and inner satisfaction.

Have a great weekend. xx


jenclair said...

I really like this piece for lesson 8! Peace, contentment, quietude, and inner satisfaction sound wonderful--definitely the place to be.

Roberta Warshaw said...

Oh I love this piece so much. I don't think I did the embed lesson. Maybe I did. I can't remember now. But this is really lovely. I hear you on the whole travel thing. WHo needs it? I only travel now to get to my other home which at some point will be my only home.
Traveling is highly overrated. IMHO

Corrine at said...

Home body, I get that, me too. Love the crusty rusty embedded goodness. xox

Sweetpea said...

Such a beautiful piece, Connie,


beautiful writing about staying at home. I get it and am heading that direction myself soonish .... can feel it in my bones.

Paper rainbow said...

This piece is beautiful. I love layering techniques as they add so much depth. To be happy and contented with what you have is a great place tio be.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

My sentiments exactly, re: traveling. Used to be romantic, and I did a little in my 30's, but nowadays my once a year day trip to the valley with a friend to shop is as far as I plan to go. Home is where it's at for me. BTW, I really love what you have been doing with your classwork!

mim said...

Me, too. I like to stay at home, but then our kids invite us to join them for a week at the beach with the grand-girl and I change my mind! Of course, I pack up my traveling Mail Art kit, and have a sweet Cat friend come stay with Bizoo, so all is good. Hello to BeeGee.

Maggi said...

A very striking piece. This post also strikes a chord with me because, as my first trip away since 1989 approaches, I am beginning to realise that I have no wish to go through all the things that we have to do when travelling these days. I'm not feeling at all excited by the prospect.