Thursday, January 29, 2015

Strange Days

Neutrals Collage, January 2015
Wednesday was one weird day.  First there was a major fire in downtown Fortuna very early in the morning, that destroyed an historic building and five resident businesses (plus the apartments of people living upstairs).  Then the local computer store was burgled, probably while everybody was focusing on putting out the fire.  Then we had a 5.7 earthquake that shook the dickens out of Rose Cottage, early in the afternoon.  There were no fatalities from anything, and no reported earthquake damage as far as I know.  But it was one strange day in our little town.

Also recently, while we're talking about weird stuff, Proposition 47 passed in California, reducing penalties for some crimes.  I think the intent of the proposition was to get non-violent, supposed non-serious felony crimes lowered to misdemeanors, and basically rely on neighborhood watch groups to do their own policing.  Although a reading of the measure says nothing about non-violent marijuana offenders, my understanding early on was that a law of this type would get those folks out of prison, which is as it should be.  In effect, what's happened with the passing of this measure is that crimes such as shoplifting, grand theft (under $950), forgery, fraud, and personal use of most illegal drugs are now misdemeanors.  The reality is that the cops won't even pursue such criminals at all.  Meaning individuals and small business owners have NO recourse if they are the victims of such crimes.

The reason I'm even mentioning this is that Miranda's Rescue, which I'm a big supporter of, has been broken into four times in the last couple months.  In late November, their Fortuna, Eureka and McKinleyville stores were broken into.  And even after more and better security measures were taken in the wake of the break-ins, the McKinleyville store was hit again this month.  And local law enforcement is nowhere to be found; they can't do anything so they won't do anything.

I am appalled at what's become of our justice system in this country.  Basically, there is no justice system anymore.  Offenders can pretty much do what they want, short of murder and rape, and get away with it.  And for more serious offenses, how often, now, are the rights of offenders taken into consideration more strenuously than the rights of the victims of crime? 

I don't know...I sit here just shaking my head, watching the foundations of our so-called civilized society crumble before my eyes.


Roberta Warshaw said...

it is very depressing.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Wish I had the magic solution. All I can say is I have become much more active in my community in recent years as a result of watching the decline of this country's value system. BTW, glad you survived the quake. I hate those things, even after years of living in quake country!

Maggi said...

It's not just over there either Connie. They have made such cuts to our police forces that it's amazing they can perform at all.