Monday, January 5, 2015

Space Case

Yes, this is the same book I posted last Tuesday.  However...later that day I took it apart, added spacers between the folios, and rebound it with doubled 2-ply waxed linen.

Spacers are merely narrow strips of paper or cardstock inserted between folios and bound in with the rest of the signature.  They make the book thicker at the spine edge.  Since most of my books end up being too fat on the fore edge, I need to insert spacers.  Which is what I did the second time around.  (You can also attach things to the spacers, with glue or by hand stitching, after binding.)

Also, the single 2-ply thread looked and felt too wimpy for the heft of the book.  So I doubled it on the rebound.

I read three really great books just since New Year's Eve ~
  • The Burning Room, Michael Connelly's latest Harry Bosch book (Harry's on the cusp of retirement; I sure hope Michael isn't going to retire Harry as a character.)
  • Suspicion, by Joseph Finder.  My first of his, and now I have another author to follow.
  • Afterwards, by Rosamund Lupton.  This was especially fantastic, highly recommended.  I've got her earlier Sister on my "to read" library list.
About 10 days ago I finished Mean Streak, by Sandra Brown; she's another author to follow.  Also read The Secret Place, Tana French's latest.  I haven't liked her last two (The Secret Place and Broken Harbor) as much as her first three.

My reading report for 2014 ~ I read 135 books, an average of 2.6 novels a week, and about 54,000 total pages for the year.   Wow.

Planning to make that last journal sometime this week, and then move on.  Meanwhile, I've been reorganizing a few things in the studio.  And easing into the year.

Have a great week.  xo


Anonymous said...

Good reading for you. I used to read that much when I worked in an independent bookstore and averaged 3 books a week, but with work and other things, I''m down to a book every couple of weeks. Got some new Scandinavian authors I am reading: Jussi Adler Olsen whose Dept Q novels I am reading in order, Jorn Horst a new one for me, first book and the new Garth Stein "A Sudden Light", he's the fellow that wrote the "Art of Racing in the Rain" which I enjoyed. Nice journal redo, with that many signatures, the spacers make sense. xox

john said...

I am so glad you posted this blog entry. I have been worrying over a coptic stitch journal that I created. You have given me some motivation to redo it as I think it is not strong enough as well. The only thing is I have already started journaling in it. I love the spacer idea. :-)

Meg Fowler said...

Michael's retiring Harry??? Oooooh Nooooo!!! Say it ain't so!!! I've had "The Burning Room" sitting on my table since it came out, but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet. Thanks for all your suggestions. I've noted all of them. Just more to add to the stack! I'm also going to check out Corrine's John Horst. U
You are just a journal making machine, girl! They're so interesting ... Lovely papers. I love all of them!!!

Maggi said...

Thank you for the information about spacers. Thank you also for further reading links, you are definitely keeping my local library in business.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I am so enjoying the Harry Bosch series! I wasn't able to read them in order, since I'm buying them at a used book store, but it hasn't taken away from my enjoyment. Thanks for recommending the series, and I'm glad to hear there is a new one out.

Michele R. Unger said...

You inspire me. I would like to think that I would take a journal apart and make it more perfect, but who am I kidding! It would never happen! Your method is one I applaud but rarely manage to do myself!

Happy New Year.

Margaret Cooter said...

The reading total for the year is impressive! Now that I have dedicated reading glasses, and have rejoined the library, I hope to read more but am finding it hard to engage with fiction. Unless I can read the book quite quickly, there's a risk of it being abandoned rather than finished.
I'll look out for your recommendations!