Friday, December 26, 2014

New Goodies

I got a raft of treats for Christmas, nearly all from mail-art and/or blog pals I've never met.  Thank you so much to Pamela, Dawn, John, Terry, Ellen, Jen, Donna, Jacki, Kristin, and others who sent cards.  For someone who doesn't celebrate Christmas, this was truly lovely.

I stopped by Eureka Books when I was in town on Tuesday, and found five great old books in the bargain section.  The two Book House volumes are from 1921 and 1925, and I hadn't seen these earlier editions before.  The others I have from that series were published in 1948 and 1953.  Essentially the books inside are the same, but the covers are way more ornate on the earlier ones.  Also, the one on top above is number five in the series, and the title is "From The Tower Window," whereas the number five in the later editions is called "Over The Hills."

This music theory book is from 1945.

The picture puzzle book is from 1937.  Interesting what we used to amuse ourselves with back then.

This last beauty is from 1900.

Hope you all had a special day yesterday, and a lovely weekend.  xo


ileneharris said...

Very cool books to add to your collection. Looks like you scored. Big Time!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Great old books ... magic to happen in 2015!

Anonymous said...

Marvelous mail gifts and what a great find on the books. Nice covers which are sure to be fabulous journals when you are done. xox

john said...

Love your stash! :-)

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

I love old books. And I swear ... I had ... or have that Quincy Adams Sawyer book!

And enjoy your mail-art!

Jeanne Aird said...

What a great score you made. I grew up with the 1921 My Bookhouse series, but did not end up being able to keep them. One of my siblings got them, but that's another story. My favorite book was always "From the Tower Window" because it had the story of my patron saint, Joan of Arc. They are so beautifully illustrated. I bought the same book online earlier this year but mine is black. Enjoy your new, old, library!