Monday, December 22, 2014

Green Machine

Here's my latest book, completed over the weekend.  I pretty much used up every last scrap of green paper I had on this one ~ collages, hand painted paper, scrapbook paper, odds and ends.

This is another album-style journal, 6-3/4 x 10-1/2 inches, with 7 signatures and 112 pages.

I shiboried the vintage cotton fabric a couple years ago, and decided just the other day to add the stamped leaves.  I created the self-tapes first, then temporarily positioned them on the covers so that the tapes would get stamped along with the covers.  In the last photo, you can hardly see the tapes at all.

This journal has 10 foldouts and 15 pockets.  As I typically do, I made too many folios, so now I have two signatures left to bind separately.

I love this binding technique, as I've said before ~ sewn on tapes.  And I prefer making my own tapes than using ribbon or anything else ready-made.

That lovely sewing frame I built back in September, that I was inspired to make after using one in a bookmaking workshop I took, is sitting idle.  Besides being cumbersome to use, it's actually totally unnecessary, especially with cut-to-size handmade tapes.  It's a lot easier to work on the edge of my worktable instead of having another gizmo to manage while binding.

Hope you have a lovely holiday week, wherever you are and whatever you celebrate.  xo

10 comments: said...

Oh! Oh! Oh ! Green is my favorite color, other than black. I love this!!

Chris Gray said...

Lovely book!

Happy holidays to you too

x C

jacki long said...

Gorgeous, as is your nature Connie! ♥

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This last photo rocks! The stamped leaves are so beautiful and boy did you give this journal the works!
Such a wonderful time of year, yes, enjoy whatever holiday... I'm just trying to keep my heart open and love the moment!

Els said...

What a lovely journal Connie !
Must be fun to fill it with observations and finds from walks in the woods .... ;-)

(merry xmas Connie and all the best for 2015 !!!)

Leslie said...

Those leaves are great - excellent idea - and another fun journal.
Happy holidays to you. I'm glad we're mail art pals.

Michele R. Unger said...

The cover is mesmerizing....the leaves and the colors swirling about just make me think of tropical rain forests. I can practically hear the bird calls. It's just a beautiful journal, Connie. Really unique and gorgeous. I wish I could hold it!

Happy Holidays.

john said...

Green is so refreshing. By the way, you are invited to come to visit us in Seattle anytime. Michele and I will take you our Starbuck's haunt!

Karen Isaacson said...

I'm just catching up on your last few weeks of blogging. Your journals are stunning. And I always come away with a few new books and movies I want to read/see after visiting here. I've been reading a lot lately and just finished "The Hundred-Year house" I liked it so much, and so many things became clear at the end of the book that I went right back to the beginning and started over.

Maggi said...

Another gorgeous journal.