Friday, October 3, 2014

Zine Fever

International Cats Zine, back and front covers
After weeks of zero inspiration and little creative energy, I finally made my first zine...two, actually.  This is the first one, International Cats.  For the uninitiated, tiny zines like this one are made from a single sheet of paper, folded to open like a regular book, with eight page surfaces.  The background for this is fabric that I scanned.
inner pages 2 and 3

inner pages 4 and 5

inner pages 6 and 7
I had a bit of technical difficulty with this one, something you likely don't notice at all.  Yesterday morning, in working out the bugs on a test piece, I created my second zine.  I'll upload that next week sometime.  Meanwhile, I've already started mailing these out.

It is an absolutely gorgeous fall morning on the North Coast.  Sunny, not a cloud in the sky, the air feels luscious.  It's supposed to be 81 today, which is HOT for us, and which can be stultifying here in Rose Cottage in the early evenings.  Right now, though, 8:15 in the morning, it is glorious. 

Hope you have a beautiful weekend.  xo


ileneharris said...

Oh, Lindsay would love the cat one! I will show her your post this morning, and perhaps she and I could make one.

jacki long said...

Love it Connie!
I am forwarding your post to two very cat lovin' ladies!
I like the zine idea, it's on a back burner bubbling!. Have a great weekend.

Charlton Stitcher said...

Ah, 80 degrees! Autumn is coming here in the UK with gently declining temperatures and golden leaves on the trees, but, as yet no frosts. I envy you!

Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

I love the kitty zine! Great use of the stamps. It's wonderful!

It was also 80 degrees here in Trinidad! Felt like a furnace by the coast. Really weird for Humboldt County any time of year, let alone in October. My carnivorous plants are normally beginning their annual autumn drift into dormancy around now. But they are now putting out new growth as if it were April or May. It's almost creepy.

Jan said...

Oh these are so fun--didn't know this name for them. I have a sample of one so that I can make more. Haven't done it... well, I had trouble getting my folds to make evenly aligned pages.

Love this!

Anonymous said...

Quite the collection of cat stamps you have for your zine. Nice work. Looking forward to your next one. xox

john said...

You are having way too much fun! Isn't that grand! :-)