Friday, September 19, 2014

Various and Sundry

BeeGee and I celebrated our fourth anniversary living together in Rose Cottage, yesterday.  We'll have our tenth anniversary of being mates in late November.

We had a bit of rain and it was lovely...also extremely humid.  Changeable weather always brings awesome clouds and I've been taking lots of photos.

I hadn 't been online, or even turned on my computer since Wednesday evening.  I didn't miss much.  I'm back on my schedule of having more computer-free days a week than not.  I'm happier without the distractions and interruptions, even if I'm not doing anything to speak of.

Wanted to show you this stamphead postcard.  It's the one I'm keeping out of my latest batch.

Have a good weekend, enjoy the equinox.  I'm SO glad it's autumn!  xo 


ileneharris said...

Makes me think of "Clouds" by Joni Mitchell. I loved the rain the past two days. The sight, sound, smell and touch of it. I do need yo rescue the garden tomatoes today, though. And put up the grape juice. Better hop to it...

Love You,

Jan said...

I love that postcard! I'm experiencing a similar disinterest in being online.
xo, Jan

Jan said...

Congrats to you and BeeGee! One of the best partnerships around. Kisses to you both.

Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

Happy anniversary! What a fine human/feline pair you make.

The rain has been lovely, hasn't it? Although a tad warm for around here. Still, I love it. And your cloud photos!

And a great stamp head p.c. too!

Maggi said...

Great skies. Happy anniversary to you both.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Autumn ... I'm glad too!

john said...

Just plain perfect! Love Bing...well not the person and his antics, but your art! :-)

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Beautiful cloud photos.

Congratulations Connie and Beeg for your fourth anniversary at Rose Cottage: goodness has it been that long!

I look at my babies sleeping in the sun and smile.

Cheers Shirley