Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Odds and Ends

Sketchbook Collage, 2012
I was in Eureka yesterday doing food shopping.  Geez, can you believe the price of food these days???

Organic mangoes were $3.69 each.  A bag of tiny organic lemons was $7.50.  A tiny container of Arnica 30x, a homeopathic remedy for inflammation and muscle aches that I use when I can ~ when I can afford to, that is ~ was $9.50.  Un-believable.  Of course I don't buy this stuff because I simply can't afford to.  Those three items alone, had I bought them, would have cost half my monthly food stamp allotment.

We're entering apple season but I doubt I'll bake apple pie this year.  Organic apples have been approaching $3.00 a pound since last year, except when they're on sale.  Last apple pie I baked, the apples alone cost me over $10 (and they were on sale).  Hard to believe.  Pretty much the only fruit I'll eat these days is bananas, which are always cost effective, or fruit that I've been given.

And speaking of apples...just a note here.  I've never, ever had apples as good as the apples that were available in Santa Cruz when I lived there.  Back then the prevailing varieties were Mountain Delicious and Pippin.  They were plentiful, with Watsonville and Corralitos, prime apple-growing areas, just south of Santa Cruz, they were very inexpensive, and they were always good.  But that was 30-40 years ago.  And everything has changed.  Can't find a sweet Pippin apple to save your life anymore, at least where I live now.

Anyway, I'll likely just keep on making cheesecakes for myself for a while, and then switch over to sweet potato pie, which I make with yams.  Not only more cost effective, but both these items take way less physical energy to make than does apple pie.

I've listed most of my glass beads at my Etsy Shop; will post the rest this morning.  I'm also posting 50+ back issues of Quilting Arts at Etsy.  Interweave Press sells back issues for $7.99; I'm selling mine for $3.00 each, all in excellent condition, and I've grouped them together by year to save on shipping.   Priority Mail shipping rates are increasing, effective this coming Sunday, September 7, FYI.

Have a good week, y'all.  xo


ileneharris said...

Hey, Connie -

I am on the flight from Chicago to SFO and treated myself with WiFi.

You can have some of our apples if you like. Lots of recipes for things other than pie.

Also,I am going to try the purple potatoes that I ordered from Hawaii for a sweet pie with a Haupia topping. You are welcome to some of those as well. And, we should have eggs for you as well...

Leslie said...

If you have the very first issue of Quilting Arts, it's worth quite a bit more than $3. I sold mine last year for $37 I think it was.

Anonymous said...

Food has gone up dramatically, I've noticed too. I head a statistic that in the 50's when I was a kid, food accounted for 30% of the household budget, cheap subsidies have masked the cost of food for most of us so we really don't know what it costs to produce. Arnica in the 3 pack tends to be cheaper I've found. Try some nettle in the diet, it's good for joint pain. You can find it wild, just be aware if you aren't already, it pains, but that's good for the joints and aches too. xox