Friday, September 26, 2014

Early Autumn Friday

Not much going on.  Here's the latest art journal collage, done last weekend.  I'm still way into the neutrals thing.

I finished Jane Urquhart's A Map of Glass this week.  Loved it.  Just got The Stone Carvers, same author, from the library.  I'm midway through A Great Deliverance, the first of the Inspector Linley series proper...but I started in on Daniel Silva's latest, The Heist, yesterday because I've only got that one for a week.  Already one quarter way through it.

Have a good weekend.  I plan to read a lot.  xo


Leslie said...

Great quote. I'm not much for fancy places anyway and love being home. I always note your books for when I get low on stuff to read. Happy weekend.

Corrine at said...

Had a chuckle with this one, I prefer it that way too. Reading Elizabeth George's "Just One Evil Act", but it's 700 pages and I am just beginning. Seems like alot of book to read for a mystery. Even for her. xox

Jacki Long said...

LOVE your collage, Connie and the blue birds collage earlier too, I meant ti comment. ;op

Thanks for yesterday's postcard, I love it too!

Enjoy that weekend! ;oD

john said...

Neutrals are great! I love the line about staying home. Now that we are back from the Oregon coast I hope to do more of that...staying home! :-)

jenclair said...

I loved A Map of Glass and the lovely language! I read it several years ago, but think I could read it again for the language alone.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

You do neutral so well. Love this peice.