Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Scraping Bottom

Art Journal collage, August 2014
I'm down to the last couple of images of recent work to upload here.  That alone is reason to start making art again.  Remember when I posted here everyday or nearly?  I was way more productive.  Not that that matters, really.  It's just a fact.

I'm making my semi-monthly trek into Eureka today for food shopping and other errands.  I'm also having lunch with one artist friend and later, coffee with another.  Yesterday I went to the Humboldt County Fair with another friend, and we listened to yet another friend and her partner play Hawaiian music.  Good friends, good times.  I'll be ready for my solitude again tomorrow, I'm sure.

And I do plan to be creative again, beginning later this week.

Have a great week.  xoxo


Maggi said...

I mentioned on FB that I liked the balance in this piece. Perhaps it reflects the balance in your life art the moment.

Jacki Long said...

For what it's worth ...
I think you are right on track.
I love your work, all of it!

jenclair said...

Good for you. Friends, food, music, and contemplating a return to your creative roots.