Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Sketchbook Collage, July 2014
I slept 11 hours last night.  Had some bizarre dreams, although my dreams usually are.  Just before waking up I dreamt that I was involved in some kind of spy organization and Mandy Patinkin was my father and head of the organization (think Homeland -- only wish I looked as good as Claire Danes).  I was going on some mission to Russia with two other women, one of whom was like a mother figure to me in bearing, not in age.  I told her I felt completely unprepared for the mission.

Some frequent dream images or situations ~ big houses with lots of rooms, climbing hills or mountains, locations in San Francisco, homes I've lived in in the past, places I worked at in the past, actors I like (it's never sexual), streets in places I've lived in (Santa Cruz, San Francisco, LA) albeit never like they are in waking reality.  I've had so many dreams about a particular organization I worked for over 20 years ago that I can hardly remember the reality of my working there.  Bizarre.

I always hoped I'd dream of great spiritual things like spirit animals, symbols, nature, etc.  But no ~ the messages come to me in rather mundane stories.  Earlier in my life these strange dream tales spoke loudly to me of things I was dealing with in waking life.  Now, I'm not exactly sure how the dreams fit into my everyday reality.  Except, perhaps, to confirm for me that I am on the right path in slowing down and removing as much stress from my life as possible.  My cockamamie dreams are stressful enough.

Finished my hybrid (regular writing & shabby style) journal yesterday.  Will post tomorrow.  I'm almost ready to start using it.

We're having typical early-June weather in Fortuna now.  Overcast and cold, often lots of wind, if we're lucky the sun will come out mid- to late afternoon.  And then it'll get hot for a couple hours before it cools off again.

Strange days.  Unusual life.  Enjoy yours.  xo


Jan said...

I love this collage--the colors, the large bird and egg, the domestic scene. Fabulous!

I have dreams about a long ago boyfriend and they drive me crazy! Haven't dreamed about my ex in years, but that used to happen, too. No profundity here, either!

Anonymous said...

I like your off kilter room and floating things. Bizarre dreams, I can so relate, always long involved stories in my world. Fodder for art always....Enjoy summer, it will be gone before we know it. xox

Valerie Kamikubo said...

I'm usually thankful for those rare occasions when I can remember my dreams at all. They usually escape my woken consciousness. I'd love to be a spy on a mission :-)

Leslie said...

I know that everyone dreams but I rarely remember mine. They seem to make no impression on my subconscious. But yours sounds interesting LOL.
Cool collage - love the hallway with pictures hung on one side and book cases on the other, and the grungy egg.

Karen Isaacson said...

wonderful dreamy collage.