Saturday, June 14, 2014

Heads or Tales?

I sent this postcard to my swap buddy, Leslie, this week.  Our theme this time is found poetry, and I also used this opportunity to create my first stamphead postcard.

I did the two postcards below early in the week, as well.  Now I'm working on a couple series.  One features old black and white photos from one or two of those Time Magazine produced volumes on the decades of the 20th century.  Another features illustrations from a 1960 edition of the Boy Scout Handbook. I also have a Girl Scout Handbook from the same year.  There are some noticeable differences between the two scout manuals.
  • The boy's book features a painting by Norman Rockwell on the cover; the girl's book sports a drawn insignia.
  • The paper is higher quality in the boy's.
  • The boy's book features color illustrations and drawings; the girl's has primitive line drawings.
  • The boy's features a lot of cool old ads in the back, albeit many are for guns (what else?); whereas the girl's has no ads.  Guess they didn't feel right putting in ads for things like washing machines and kitchen appliances.
  • The boy's handbook, of course, is loaded with practical information about living in the world, being a good citizen, how to survive in the wild, orienteering, first aid, etc. (along with a bent toward godliness); whereas the girl's book focuses on home and hearth, including such basics as how to wash dishes properly, how to be a good conversationalist, how to sew, how to dance, and how to do arts and crafts.  
  • In other words, sexist tomes of their day.
And this is why some women like me, who were Brownies or Girl Scouts in 1960, have had a hard time figuring out what they wanted to be when they grew up.

And so it goes.  Have a good weekend.  xo


Leslie said...

I'm the Leslie who got the first postcard - it's great! Love the colors and the ecstatic woman flinging her dish washing gloves sky high. Catfish from Eva Perone LOLOL!

And the boy/girl scout books - what a stark reminder of how things were. Interesting that the girl's book was also much more cheaply made. Equality?? What's that? I can hear them all wondering as some little future feminist demanded that the girl's book also contain camp fire building.

Jan said...

What Leslie girl boomer indoctrination. I certainly grew up with the message that I would go to college and have a teaching credential, or an RN cert., as backup in case my white picket fence fell down when my husband died.

Did you see the frost on the freezer--she's quitting too soon!

I love these, Connie.

Jan said...

Did the Campfire Girls build their own campfires?

Jacki Long said...

Lucky recipients!
Great work, as always Connie!
I love everything!

Roberta said...

I just love these postcards. They are really works of art!

jenclair said...

Such fun, and Lucky Leslie!

john said...

Yeah for ATCs with stamps. Lovely!

Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

They're all great! But I especially love the one with the Siamese! ;-)