Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Catching a Vision

Art Journal page, April 2014
I had lunch with a good friend yesterday, an artist with a capital A.  And got clear that what I'm searching for in my own art (the small "a" kind) is a vision.  It's not that I need or want to pour out my soul in my art, but I want to have a vision...a vivid, imaginative conception of where I'm going creatively, something to focus my efforts toward, regardless of whether I actually achieve it.

In the last two years since I've been working in mixed media, I have experimented with oodles of new-to-me art materials and tools...including craft paint, good paint, spray ink, ink daubers, stamp pads of numerous sorts, graphite pencils, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons, oil pastels, chalk pastels, dozens of pens and various nib types, washi tape and sticker-type things.  

I've tinkered in the realms of book making, book altering, art journaling, Gelli plate and other monoprinting, tag, postcard and ATC making, numerous types of collaging, stamping and stamp carving, and painting.  With everything, with all of it, after doing a bit and liking what I've done, and photographing it and sharing it here or on Facebook or at my Flickr site, and sending a lot of the small stuff off to mail art pals...I think, "Okay, I can do that, I like what I do, so what's next?" or "So where am I going with this?" or "Am I satisfied making stuff manically for the rest of my life, or at least until the next craze hits me?"

No, I'm not.  The addiction of jumping around is not for me.  The addiction of throwing new-better-different stuff to make stuff with into the mix doesn't work for me any longer, if it ever really did.  I want to focus, I want to commit to something purely for my own sake.  I want to see where I can go in one area, work at it, get better at it, apply myself to it.

Painting will be that thing.  When I'm good and ready.

8 comments: said...

How interesting -- sounds like you are having a good time playing with paints etc and exploring the possibilities. What a great way to spend your hours.

Spinnerholm said...

I look forward to watching this journey, as well. Love and light to you in your pursuit of joy in art.

Irene said...

Grandma Moses did it very well for a long time. She is my shining example.

I am curious what your paintings will look like and in what way they will express which part of you.

In the meantime you gave yourself one heck of an education. You are very well rounded.


Sandra Rude said...

That's why I'm a weaver - it is what I decided to focus on, and am really trying hard to stick to that and only that. I do some other fiber stuff during "down" time (as in "front of TV" time), but my major concentration is weaving.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a new journey is beginning. Have fun making you way to paint. xox

Maggi said...

Looking forward to where your commitment takes you.

Jeannie said...

Sometimes the answers are right in front of you. You just have to be open to receive them. I can't remember who said that, but it really rang true for me. I am so excited for you. To find what makes you want to jump out of a warm bed on a cold morning is joyful. xoxo

Margaret Cooter said...

A close companion to "vision" is the "intention" - it informs individual works within the overall vision. That's one of the handful of things that art school taught me. Another is the importance of using your own experience as a starting point, and recognising what, in that experience, is unique to you yet resonant to others. It's a big ask!