Friday, May 23, 2014

5 X 5 v.3

Another 5 x 5 inch painting on panel.  This one got a thin slathering of molding paste before it was painted.  The painted circle was cut out of a sheet of deli paper that I did in Jane Davies' ExtremeComp class, then adhered with matte medium.  The gold finish was done with Shiva metallic Paintstix, which is oil paint in big crayon form that dries completely in a couple days.  I love those Paintstix.

I read Dan Brown's latest, Inferno, this week and really enjoyed it.  Possibly even better than his previous books.  Now reading The Signature of All Things, Elizabeth Gilbert's latest novel.  Loving this one, too.

Have a great weekend (holiday weekend if you're in the States).  It's the official start of the summer season here ~ more people on the road and higher gas prices, which have both happened already, actually.

Anyhow, enjoy.  xo


jenclair said...

I love the textured look of this. It is one of those works that call to fingers, "Touch me!"

amy of four corners design said...

all looking great...wonderful series of circles...I love it!

Jan said...

I LOVED The Signature of All Things!

The detail and the research alone were enough to blow me away, and then a good story, too.

I continue to be amazed that she could write this and also be the author of Eat Pray Love. Worlds apart.

john said...

Thanks for giving me an idea with the Painstix. I love that you are "recycling" art. Don't you just love deli paper? :-)

Charlton Stitcher said...

And a holiday weekend here in the UK ... enjoy yours.
Oops forgot to say I really like this 5 x 5. Lovely colour and texture.

Maggi said...

The moulding paste adds such wonderful texture.

Thank you for introducing me to Louise Penny by the way.